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 Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So once again, I've been MIA. Between our vacation back to Texas and then coming back home to tackle a nursery this blog was the last thing on my mind. I follow lots of great blogs that both inspire me and make me feel like a real loser when it comes to blogging.

Maybe I could jump back in by showing you all a refinishing project hubby and I did together for our daughters room?

I probably need to update you all on the basics of what is going on here too.

  • Brian came home from Afghanistn Feb 9th. 
  • We headed back to Texas on Feb 25th. 
  • March 5th was my baby shower. (Awesome by the way!)
  • We headed back home on the 13th of March. 
  • We spent 2 weeks hanging out around here and trying to get things ready for Baby before Brian had to go back to work. Her nursery is about 95% done...at least in terms of "we are moving in August" done-ness. A few things I want/ed to do are going to have to wait until we are settled in GA.
I am now (almost) 32 weeks pregnant, so in my 8th month. Time is ticking away quickly, and dragging all at the same time. Sometimes I think time needs to speed up so that Miss Rafi can be here in our arms, and other times it hits me (and overwhelms me) that she will be here VERY soon...and we will be responsible for her survival. Ah!

I think this is probably the boring phase of pregnancy. You know your baby is pretty much completely developed and would survive outside your belly (maybe needing some minor medical intervention), but yet it isn't time, and they are just in there packing on some pounds until the big day. I might pull my hair out if my little lady tries to stay in there longer than 40 weeks! I'd actually be pretty okay with her making an entrance as soon as I'm full term...37 weeks. lol

I should probably go ahead and get my hospital bag ready just in case she hears my thoughts and chooses to oblige. I plan on having everything ready to go by the end of the month since I'll be considered full term the start of May. All that is really left is to pack my bag, put her car seat in the car, and set the pack'n play up. I'm still not exactly sure what all I need in my hospital bag though. I should probably call my mother to find out. lol Rafi's diaper bag is already pretty much packed because I was just way too excited after I got the little beauty.

Hum...now I'm off to eat some breakfast and get ready for my OB appointment at 11. I start going every 2 weeks starting today. Yikes! Maybe tomorrow I'll show you that refinishing project and some pictures of the nursery. :)

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Courtney April 5, 2011 at 7:39 AM  

Just pack what you would for a weekend away... shampoo, blow dryer, all that... makeup. You'll be wanting to spiff yourself off at some point, especially for the day you leave and all those "taking baby home" photos. :) Clothes wise, I brought several tank tops and yoga type pants. I'd wear those and a nice robe when pushing the baby up and down the halls instead of hospital gown gear. You'll also need a wear home outfit.. nothing too clingy. As for baby, you won't need much. The hospital will provide everything you need. You'll need a take home outfit, and if you really want to change her clothes before then, you can bring in a few extra things. They provide all diapers, wipes and all that. I would recommend you bring in baby nail clippers. This last time our hospital only provided files, and Liams nails were LONG and really flexible.. I couldn't file them down right. Also make sure you have some of those little hand covers so he doesn't scratch she doesn't scratch her face up. :) Moving along quickly, isn't it?

Courtney April 5, 2011 at 7:41 AM  

LOL... ignore my "he doesn't scratch" double writing.. sometimes I forget people actually have girls, LOL.. I forgot to erase that.

Teenage Bride April 5, 2011 at 10:17 AM  

hey so happy to hear from you!!! Wow eight months. I cannot believe how quickly time passes. So happy to hear all is going well

Jillian April 5, 2011 at 7:50 PM  

Happy to hear all is well, when you get down here me and my hubby can help you out: show you around, help you with housing, help you get set up. Are you coming early August? Ironman Louisville is August 28th, so we'll be taking the trip to KY that week.

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