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 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So, I have mentioned several times the move that we have coming this summer.  We are moving from Ft. Campbell, KY to Ft. Stewart, GA...about 9 hrs away. We are actually excited about this move, as we have been at Campbell for over 4 years. The husband only has a little over 2 years left in the Army, so we had almost given up the dream of seeing any other duty station, then he came down for orders to Stewart. Yay. 

Wanna know what is not so exciting? His original orders were for June 10th. Yes, the same June 10th that is only 6 days after my official due date of June 4th. "No big deal, we'll get them pushed back." We were planning on the worst case scenario of them being pushed back to August. We should have known better than to try and plan anything with the Army, because we all know that always never works. New report date is July 10th. Yep...the same July that is only a month after my due date. 

To say I'm having minor major freak out attack, would probably be an understatement. This is when I really wish my sweet little girl could tell me exactly what day she plans on gracing us with her presence, or that I was having a scheduled induction/c-section (not that I really want a c-section). I'm a planner by nature, and while I have learned to go with the flow quite a bit in the past 4+ years as an Army wife, having two things that really can't be planned without the other happening at the exact same time is a major test for me. MAJOR test. 

So now I'm praying this little lady will come sometime in May rather than June. I'd gladly take her as a birthday present...May 23rd anyone?

Yes, I know she is the cutest thing you have ever seen. =)
So today I will be filling out an application for an apartment in Hinesville, GA to get on the wait list in hopes they will have something waiting on us when we arrive, because the wait list for housing on post is 2-4 months long.  Hopefully next week we will be able to set up a date for the movers to come and really get this plan rolling...maybe then I'll feel better.

Come back tomorrow for a delicious recipe. :)

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Jillian April 12, 2011 at 11:59 AM  

What apartments in Hinesville? I live in Hinesville and there are many questionable apartments I wouldn't even walk my dog across the street let alone live in. I want the best for you guys. I'm surprised about housing, I know people with 1 kid who got housing immediately. The problem here is you can't get put on the waiting list until you sign into the installation. I know a PCS can be overwhelming, but I am here at Fort Stewart and I can help you guys. I am not just saying that, I am being serious. My email is jillian.a.omalley@gmail.com let me know any questions you have and I can also give you my phone number

Morgan L April 13, 2011 at 7:43 AM  

Jillian- We are currently thinking that The Columns at Independence (http://www.columnsapartments.com/thecolumnsatindependenceGA/) are the only ones we are willing to live in. lol I hear they are new, nice, and really close to post? Do you know anything about them, or have any other recommendations?

Jillian April 13, 2011 at 10:42 AM  

Those are the best apartments Hinesville had to offer. They are brand new, really nice, and all all the amenities. They are a little on the expensive side but well worth it, plus they are right next to one of the gates, and they are a 5 minute drive to my house. We own a house in Parish Crossing in Hinesville. We can have you guys over for a welcome to Hinesville BBQ when you get here. You can stay in on-post lodging on post free for 10 days too when you get here. You have to pay upfront, but you get so much travel money you'll be able to afford it, and then finance at the reception center will reimburse you for the 10 days. On post lodging is really nice, and the room have fridges and 2-burner stoves in them.Also, his unit here at Stewart should give him 10 day permissive TDY for house hunting. We have a really good pediatric clinic on post in the hospital which has its own pediatric pharmacy.

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