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 Thursday, April 21, 2011

You know there are always things that we want. Things we have actually wanted for awhile but just never seem to get around to buying for whatever reason? Yeah, I have a list going and have been hinting ever so tactfully to my husband recently about all of them. I mean...May is a big month at my house, especially this year. Mothers day, my Birthday, the potential birth month of our daughter. I firmly believe I should receive one of these for each of the 'holidays' mentioned...and then the rest just for good measure. I will even tell you why I want NEED all of these.

New bedding. Actually, I'd just take another set of sheets and wait on the actual bedding set. We seriously need another set of sheets. We have one set. Yes, that is right. One. I don't know exactly why that is, but I know it is annoying to have to wash and dry sheets before I can re-make the bed on laundry day. That could be because I always seem to forget about the sheets in the washer until right before bed and we are stuck waiting up for them to dry, or just rough it and sleep without them for the nigh. Ew. Our bedding set is like 3 years old and has seen better days, so I wouldn't complain about all new bedding either.

A camcorder. Do I even need to explain the NEED for this? We are about to have the most precious little girl in the world living in our house. Who doesn't want the first time she poops on dad recorded and documented forever, along with first roll, laugh, step, and anything else? Duh.

A steam mop. This sort of falls into the "we are about to have a baby" category. It also falls into the "I hate abhor mopping more than anything" category. I have used one of these little suckers before and loved it. Super easy, and left my floors clean without the mess and hassle of a mop bucket & cleaning solution. Maybe I'm just lazy.

New non-stick cookware (preferably Pampered Chef...but I'll settle for Paula Dean). When I got married I insisted on stainless steel cookware because it was prettier...and I knew best was stupid. I hate it. Seriously. I consider throwing a pot out the window almost daily. I have a wonderful huge deep skillet from Pampered Chef and use it for everything. It is common for me to hand wash that sucker to use if it is currently dirty when I'm about to cook (very easy to do by the way because that non-stick coating is amazing).  So why do I need this? Well because if my husband wants to continue to eat delicious home cooked meals, and not have to replace windows when I start throwing pots he'll buy me these.

What are some things you really want and just haven't gotten around to buying for whatever reason? Anything you are currently lusting after?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


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