Much ado about a dresser re-do.

 Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay, so I didn't make it back yesterday, but I'm here today. That is pretty good attendance on my part seeing my past record over the past few months.

I'm not sure I ever told you all about the nursery we are doing for little Miss Rafi. First, you should all know I'm a complete girly girl. I love the color pink. Now, Rafi's room is far from pink. We...or well I with the Mr.'s approval, chose to go a different path for our little lady. I am obsessed with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, and well, all thinks Audrey Hepburn. This obsession became the inspiration for her nursery. So, slightly vintage, black, white, and Tiffany blue was the goal. We wanted something that would grow with her and was classy and elegant. 

Something like this maybe?

Now, I had originally wanted an antique dresser and mirror. We had plans to find something on Craigslist or an antique shop and refurbish/ paint it. I just never could seem to find the exact right dresser, or when I did it was either gone in a heart beat, or well over the price point I was willing to pay. Not to mention, I really wanted something that was going to last her a long time. Lets face it, most of the drawers on antiques just don't glide as well as the new stuff, and there is always the fear of it just not being sturdy enough. 

The one thing I was not willing to compromise on "girly lines". I was fine buying a used (not antique) or new dresser, but it still needed to look like a girl. Yes, I said that an inanimate object needs to look a specific gender. Just go with me here.

This is what we ended up with.
I forgot to take a picture BEFORE removing a drawer.
All this really had going for it was good lines. The color was wrong...way wrong, and it was pretty nicked up. It was cheap however. So we sanded to our little hearts content...and then some.

After lots of sanding. And I do mean LOTS.
We started sanding this sucker by hand. It was horrible. At one point we thought we had sanded enough and started staining the next day. We were WRONG. The stain bubbled up, wouldn't soak in, looked streaky. It was great horrible. The above picture was "Sanding Take 2" after we broke down and bought a hand sander . A word to the wise: invest in a hand sander if you are refinishing a whole piece of already finished furniture. It will save you much frustration and trouble.

 So then we stained. Brian discovered using lamb wool made the process much easier and smoother finish. Two coats later, and 24hrs of drying later, I changed out the knobs for something much prettier than the 'button' looking originals and ended up with this.

Yes, that is a pink changing pad cover.
See what I mean about girly lines? This dresser most certainly looks like a girl and not a boy.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.

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