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 Saturday, April 9, 2011

I figured I'd just take you all through the many, mini DYI-ish things that Brian and I have done in order to get ready for baby. Some stuff is really rather minor, but it is a way to introduce you to her nursery from behind the scenes. 

Now, I wouldn't say either of us are cheap per say, but having been at the bottom of the barrel before (can you say 17 &18 year olds being married on E-2 pay without a clue how to make a budget or manage money?) we are pretty determined we are never going back. So, while we do splurge here and there, we also follow a budget. Currently we are trying to get everything but my student loans paid off before Brian's ETS date in 2013, so cutting back where we can by using coupons or reclaiming things really helps.

This table was made by Brian's grandpa years ago. Somehow we acquired it when we got married, and it has been with us every since. I even stained it when Brian was in Iraq back in 2007. It has been a good little table holding a lamp and drinks in the living room for several years.

We realized with two other end tables in our living room we really didn't need this little guy, but that we could use a table in Rafi's room to put by the recliner to hold a lamp and anything else we might need in the wee hours of the morning with a baby. 

Blue Ocean Breeze = Tiffany Blue

Obviously this lovely brown was not going to work. Enter the hand sander and a can of spray paint, and this is what you end up with.

Spray paint will also turn this:
into this:

A slipcover will turn this old recliner from my dad:
Into this:

See, I told you it was a bunch of minor DIY things, but in the end we used what we already had, in a much better way, and saved some cash while we were at it. A comfy nursing corner was born.

Please ignore the cords, and horrible lighting in this picture.
We do still have some more things to get done in the nursery. Hanging things on the walls being the main thing. I need to hunt down some shelves to go over her changer/dresser. Once that is all done I'll post some "finished" pictures. I really wish that it was logical to paint the walls, but with an August move, and her not being due until June, it just seems pointless. Hopefully once I hang things, it will look just fine even with the ugly white/beige walls.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


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