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 Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. I know we did, minus the horrible weather we have been having. By horrible I mean, we couldn't even really see the lanes on the road to church. It was well worth the treacherous trip because Church was AWESOME to say the least.

This year was my first year to have the whole ham make it to the table...and well, only my second time to cook Easter dinner.  "Whole ham?" you ask.  Yes. The first year I cooked Easter dinner, our second year of marriage, Rak managed to take the ham off the stove while we napped and ate almost the entire thing. By some act of God we were able to salvage some, yes, in a sanitary way, but I was pissed sad hysterical about the whole situation. This year was great though. I can't wait to have Rafi to celebrate with us next year.

Today is the last day, of our last 4 day weekend, as a family of three (Rak counts as a family member!).  Next 4 day weekend we have, our sweet girl should be here!! I can't believe my pregnancy is really coming to an end. We have lots of big changes coming out way.

I also got this little bad boy from Brian and Rafi as an early portion of my birthday (May 23rd) gift. I guess Hubby got the hint, and felt bad for how disgusting the floors get with Rak. 

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Teenage Bride April 25, 2011 at 1:40 PM  

so happy your Easter went well, for the most part any way.

I cannot beleive how close you are to getting to meet your baby girl!!

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