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 Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Between last night and today I realized several good things. I'm in a good mood, so I thought I'd share.

#1- Last night I saw the previews for a few movies that I thought looked interesting. I was very thrilled when I realized that my husband would be HOME to see them IN theaters. Yes! Now the fact that we normally don't even make it to the movie part of our "dinner and a movie" date night because we are losers and just want to go home is neither here nor there. The fact that if we wanted to see one of these movies in theaters, we'd be able to! I'm pumped!

#2- It finally hit me that God does answer prayers. Yeah, really. I've been sharing my spiritual journey with you all recently, and it might be odd for me to say that its taken me 21 years and 7 months to say I truly have seen God answer prayers. I have been working very hard since my last post about prayers to remember to say mine every single day. I have prayed for more people that I can count, and recently I have seen several of my prayers answered. Talk about AWESOME. I am the first to admit to being poor in spirit in my past, and even in my present some days, but wow. Seeing answered prayers with my own eyes is beyond words. Such a renewal of spirit and faith.

#3- I am very excited to see my husband run in his first half marathon on April 2nd! I just found out yesterday night that he is running in one with a few of his buddies from his unit who are in Afghanistan with him. I will admit, I was sort of bummed at first because I had all of these plans of he and I running our first race together. Heck, I'm still bummed I'm not allowed to run right now period, but I am pumped for my husband! Running is not anything he use to be interested in as a hobby. It was something he had to do for work so he did. In the past several months he has fallen in love with it and I'm super stoked about it! I can't wait to see him cross that finish line, and to one day know I'll be crossing it with him! I love that we will have yet another 'thing' that we can and will do together.

#4- I realized today that this was the first year in many years I didn't make a 'New Years Resolution' to lose weight or change my body. I couldn't be happier about that. I know you might be saying, "well your pregnant....blah blah blah." I guess I should elaborate by saying that even if I weren't pregnant, for once weight loss would not be a resolution. I am finally happy with me. I'd LOVE to lose 20 more pounds once I have Rafi, but if I don't I'm Okay with that. =)

I am already so happy about what the first 4 days of 2011 have brought me, and can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.


Teenage Bride January 5, 2011 at 10:52 AM  

And I am happy for you!!!!!! I know you must be so excited to have your wonderful husband at last.

Happy wednesday!!!!!

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