Oh My Creativity.

 Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I don't know what is up with me suddenly feeling beyond creative lately. Maybe it is some switch that has been flipped now that I'm a stay at home mom and we have some sort of schedule. I'm ready to do any and every craft I see, and recruit DH for all sorts of DIY projects. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees. I'd never sleep! Pinterest does not help either. Anyone else on there? I know I'm a little late to the game, but add me to the addicted list.

I have a 'to-do' list a mile long and it grows by the day. About that money tree... haha

My latest creations are wreaths. I'm obsessed.

My next project is my daughters Halloween costume. Pretty sure my little cupcake is going to be a cupcake. I'll be sure to post pictures of that once I get it done.

Anyone else got a creative bug lately?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


I'm a terrible blogger!

 Saturday, August 27, 2011

So um...its been almost 2 months since I posted. Opps! I guess being a new mommy gets in the way. I like blogging though, so I probably need to work on that.

Whats going on with me? Not much new, or maybe a lot of new? I'm super busy in spurts with my baby girl.

I can't believe she is almost 3 months old. Talk about depressing and time flying! I find myself crying on occasion when I realize she has done something that proves she is in fact growing up and is no longer my little baby wrapped up like a burrito. I never knew being a good mom, could be so bitter sweet. Sweet because it means she is growing and advancing just like she should. Bitter, because it means shes growing up and won't be a little baby forever. Nothing beats being her mommy though. I love it more than I ever thought I would. :)

August 1st marked me getting back to my healthy lifestyle and working out. I feel much better than I did those first 8 weeks of just getting by eating junkie stuff. I'm down 29lbs since Rafi was born (not to bad for having only gained 2lbs while pregnant right?)...about 6-8 since the start of the month. Woohoo! I have about 13 more to go until my 'goal'. I don't know if it is my final goal or not, but its my first acceptable goal I suppose. I dunno how to explain it. Once I'm there I'll evaluate if I want to lose some more or not. I'm hoping to get there by Dec 8th...6 months post-partum.

I guess I told everyone that we are staying here at Ft. Campbell right? I can't even remember what I've blogged about in my past few blogs. Uh oh. haha

I'm going to try really hard to blog more often. Now I need to go catch up on the blogs I follow. :)

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


The Story...

 Friday, July 8, 2011

So I've had some people asking about my birth story, so I thought this would be a good place to post it. Plus, I'd like to write it all out before I forget. 

So my due day came...and went, with no baby. Pregnancy is all fun and games until the last few weeks, then it becomes torture once you are overdue...especially in 90+ degree heat. 

40w Pregnant...and miserable.
At my hospital (Blanchfield Army Community Hospital) they won't induce you before 41weeks, and won't let you go past 42 weeks. It should also be noted, that most providers are Midwives, unless you are deemed "high risk" (I was, and has an awesome MD)...and unless you end up being a complicated delivery/needing a c-section, whatever midwife is on call delivers you. There is a doctor on call as well, but just to oversee things and deal with anything complex. This means, your provider isn't necessarily, actually isn't likely, the person who is going to deliver your baby. That is my only real complaint with the system. I just happened to luck out, more on that later.

41w belly. Day of induction.

So 40weeks came and went. I was ticked, depressed, sad, anxious, miserable, and well, any other emotion you could possibly think of. My family had been here for days, waiting on little Rafi to arrive. I walked, and walked, and walked. It didn't work. I think I was even more mad because I'd been dilated and effaced (2-3cm and 75%) for weeks. So, I never anticipated going overdue! 

I had been having bouts of contractions for days, and the morning of June 8th, the day of my 41w appointment I'd been up since about 1am having contractions off and on. My appointment was at 10:30am and my husband (and family sitting at my house), and I were all praying my doctor would induce me that day, knowing full well she would probably make me wait until at least that Friday, since I'd be told I was due on both June 2nd, and June 4th. With the military, you learn they like to be complicated. I just knew she would be obligated to go by the June 4th date, and make me wait until exactly 41w. She examined me, and said she was going to go call Labor and Delivery to see if/when I could come in to be induced. She warned that they might be busy and not to get my hopes up that they would even have room for me today. She came back with my file and told me to head on down! I told her she was my hero! She then warned that induction can take a long time, and to not expect a baby until probably tomorrow. Fine with me! I just wanted to get the show on the road. Even better? She was the MD that was on call for L&D, and she would be heading down there after her appointments that day.

Me getting my IV in place.

At 10:45 I was sitting in the waiting room of L&D waiting to be called back and put in a room. I was so giddy with excitement. The fear of labor and pain had long sense faded from my brain, and I was just ready to meet my little girl and no longer be pregnant! I was put in my room by 11, hooked up to the monitors and an IV in place. Something really odd happened while/after the IV was in. I started to feel extremely weird and like I was under water. I told my nurse who was a little concerned. Within about 5-10mins and a cup of water later I was feeling fine. They chalked it up to me being on my back too long, but remained a little cautious. At 12noon they started Pitocin to get my contractions going and regular. Brian and I were obsessed with watching the little screen that showed my contractions. I have no idea why...maybe just because it was confirmation that I really was in labor, and our little girl was on her way. We spent that time in my room mostly just the two of us talking and watching TV, with the occasional visit from my mom and sister when Brian would need to go eat or make a phone call. At some point here, they had to put me on my side, where I remained about 98% of the time until it was time to push, because Rafi kept coming off the monitor.

Honestly, the contractions weren't nearly as horrible as I'd hyped them up to be in my head. Don't get me wrong, at some point...around 5ish cm dilated they did start to hurt. It was about that point they said they wanted to break my water, and that if I thought I'd want an epidural then would be the time to get it since the contractions would get much more intense and closer together once my water was broke. I made the decision that I'd go for it, no need to be a hero, and since I'd been up since 1am, I wanted to rest, or at least be able to relax before having to push, whenever that may be.  

Here is where I should probably note that I have a fairly low blood pressure. 100-108/50-60 is about tops for me. Its completely normal for me, and I don't suffer any side effects from it. 

The Nurse Anesthetist came in to put my epidural in. My heart rate started to sky rocket during the procedure, but everything else was smooth. Until my blood pressure dropped to 80/31. Every nurse on the floor ended up in my room, as did the midwife and my MD (who was on the floor by then). I think Brian was about to pass out...and all the nurses were trying to figure out how I was even still functioning. My nurse told me she had seen people with a BP that low and lower, but they were comatose, and there I was, talking to them. Of course this lead to me being pumped with IV fluids, more laying on my side, an oxygen mask, and my nurse on edge the whole time. At the same time, or shortly after, Rafi's heart rate started to drop. They ended up putting in internal monitors...3rd time was a charm? And then they ended up going back to external monitors too. I also ended up getting an amniotic transfusion in hopes that it would help with Rafi's heart rate if she was being too compressed with no amniotic fluid as a buffer/cushion. At least we knew the nursing staff was on the top of their game and ready to respond at a moments notice. I'm sure they were glad once I actually had her and got moved to the Mother-Baby Unit. We made them really work for their pay check that night.

My mom thought we needed a photo to document the drama.

I went from 6cm to 10cm in about 1 1/2-2 hrs. I started pushing at 9pm, and Rafi was born at 9:20pm. I even got to feel her head before she came out. The whole pushing experience was nothing and honestly a great experience. Of course, the drama couldn't stop then. The cord was wrapped around her neck once (probably explains her heart rate issues) and she swallowed/inhaled amniotic fluid. Shortly after she was plopped up on my belly, she was moved to the warmer, the Pediatrician was called and they moved her to the Special Care nursery (there is nor 'normal' nursery at our hospital because all healthy babies stay in the room with mom...so Special Care is like the NICU, but not AS serious, because they don't have a NICU either). I got a quick look at her and a kiss. Brian went with her to the nursery while they finished working on me and the rest of my family sat with me. He came back to give an update and her stats. Everything seemed to be going well, and she was off oxygen by about 1am. 

Getting to kiss her before they swept her off to Special Care.
I was finally able to go down and see her at about 2am. Much to my surprise, the brown haired, brown eyed girl I'd imagined for the past 10 months was no where to be found, and that little blond haired, blue eyed, cherub baby was mine! What?! I guess Brian failed to mention that to me when he reported her weight and length to me. I asked him when we walked in "that is her?" He laughed and said "well, yeah." 

Holding her for the first time.
Daddy holding her the first time.

All in all, I'd do it all again, minus my sweet girl being 'sick' and having to spend her first 36hrs in the Special Care nursery. All the rest of it, was nothing, and way more stressful on everyone else while I laid there cool as a cucumber. Brian says if either of us (Rafi and I) cause him that much stress again he doesn't know what he'd do. lol

Who wouldn't do it all again when you get to wake up to this every morning?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


The past month...

 Thursday, July 7, 2011

Has been the best month ever. Why? Because I get to wake up every morning to this sweet face, and be her mom.

Raphael "Rafi" Celine was born June 8th, at 9:20pm. She was a whopping 8lbs 1oz, and 21inches long ( yeah, I hid that well in my little bump and 2lbs weight gain!).

She has a head full of blond hair, and big blue eyes.

And faces like these make getting fat, labor pains, and late nights all worth it and then some.

Until tomorrow, If you're still there.


Happy Birthday...To Me!

 Monday, May 23, 2011

Well today I am 22. No more big milestones to look forward to in the way of Birthdays...minus my car insurance going down when I'm 25...but today I'm holding out hope maybe a baby will be my gift?

At my appointment on Thursday I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. Yesterday I went into Labor and Delivery because I was worried about leaking amniotic fluid (I wasn't) and was 75% effaced, so hopefully we will be back at L&D soon and not leaving without a baby! My family is heading up here this weekend in hopes to make it in time to meet our little blessing. I'm praying to go sooner though! Ha!

Today Hubby is off work so we get to spend my birthday together. I'm thinking lunch out and lots of walking!!

Until tomorrow (or whenever?). If you're still there.


Rite Aid Extreme Couponing Trip

 Monday, May 16, 2011

Okay, so I waited to long to post about my other "extreme couponing" trips, but I'll post about my Rite Aid one today. I'm actually planning on going back tomorrow for a few other things (mostly duplicates of some of today's items).

Transaction #1

Purex Detergent- $1.97
Crest Toothpaste- $2.99
Oral B Toothbrush- $2.99
(2) Ziploc Bags- 2/$4.00
Sure Deodorant- $1.49

$1.00/1 Purex
$1.50/1 Crest
$1.50/1 Oral B
$1.25/2 Ziploc
$1.00/1 Sure

Paid: $8.47 (w/tax)  Got: $5.00 R+ Rewards

Transaction #2

(2) Huggies Diapers - $10 each
(2) Finish Powerball Tabs- $6.79 B1G1

(2) $2.00/1 Huggies
(2) $0.75/1 Finish

Used: $5.00 rewards  Paid:$18.51(w/tax)  Got: $7.00 R+ Rewards

Transaction #3

(2) Glade Carpet Refresh- 2/$4.00
(2) L'oreal Excellence Hair Color- $8.50each
(1) L'oreal Eyeshadow- $3.39
(2) L'oreal Vive Pro Shampoo- $3.00

$0.50/1 Glade Carpet Fresh
$5.00/2 L'oreal Hair Color (Rite Aid in ad coupon)
$5.00/2 L'oreal Hair Color
$2.00/1 L'oreal Eye Product
(2) $1.00/1 L'oreal Shampoo

Used: $7.00 rewards  Paid: $11.78(w/tax)  Got: $11.00 R+ Rewards

I spent a total of $38.76 for $77.01 worth of stuff, and I have $11.00 of rewards to use on my next purchase. 

Tomorrow my plan is to go back for some more diapers (found $3 off coupons), laundry detergent, and Ziplocs.  It should look something like this.



(2) Huggies- $10.00 each
Purex- $1.97
(2) Ziploc Bags- 2/$4.00

(2) $3.00/1 Huggies
$1.00/1 Purex
$1.25/2 Ziploc

Use: $11.00 rewards (from today)  Pay: $6.72 (before tax)  Get: $6.00 R+ Rewards

Until Tomorrow. If You're still there.


Oye Vey! Update needed?

 Saturday, May 7, 2011

Well it seems like the past week has been just a big blur of trying to figure out what is going on or what is happening next. Frustrating for anyone; super annoying for a pregnant lady about to pop! Brian and I made the decision that we were going to just give everything to God (as we always should) and not worry. We know His plan for us far surpasses any plan we could ever have for ourselves, or the Army could have for us.

As of now it looks like we will, in fact, be staying put here at Ft. Campbell. It really was kind of a 50/50 good/bad situation. Yes, we really wanted the opportunity to see another place before Brian leaves the Army in 2 years (assuming he doesn't change his mind again, and stay in), but the timing really just wasn't ideal to be honest. After all the, eh....crap, we went through to even try and get those orders pushed back even a month, it just really seems like it might be a "God Thing" that they got deleted out of no where. I won't pretend I know, or try to predict, what the reason behind it all is, but I have faith that God has it figured out and we will only be reaping good things from this change rather than bad. 

Housing here at Campbell was also beyond helpful and understanding to our plight. They put us back on the wait list where we were when we got off. Meaning we will be able to move on post towards the end of June (our lease is up July 1st), thus saving us at least $300 a month in utilities that we pay now living in this house. With a baby on the way, I'm even more excited about the idea of saving money than I would have been in the past. Mostly because I know it just gives us even more extra to spend on her, and on fun family things. Not to mention Brian will be getting a truck! Yay!!

It also seems I'm about to pop at anytime! At my appointment this week Miss Rafi is head down and ready to go. I've also started to 'drop', and have a huge baby booty sticking straight out front. She must have gotten her hiney from her Daddy, because she certainly didn't get it from me! lol Next weekend Hubby and I are going on our last little day trip to Nashville before the big day in honor of my birthday, about a week early, because we have a feeling the next weekend might be pushing it a bit since I'll be almost 39 weeks at that point...assuming she isn't already here!

You should also all know that I am now full force trying to be a Krazy Coupon Lady. Keep your eyes open over the next few days for my post about how I have saved almost $100 in the past 2 days. :)

Until tomorrow. If you're still there!


After today's events...

 Wednesday, May 4, 2011

it is a miracle that I am not in labor.

Just when I think everything is moving right along as it should be. Just when I was really starting to feel confident and comfortable with our move to Georgia only a month after giving birth to our daughter, the Army rears it's ugly head.

At 9am this morning my husband calls asking for a phone number to HRC (human resources command) because his orders were deleted. What?! This of course would happen after I just turned down housing on our current post (Ft. Campbell) that would save us around $300 a month. Of course.

So once again, we sit and wait to see what happens. I guess there are many scenarios that could happen right now ranging from us actually still going to Georgia, to us going somewhere else, or just staying put here. Who knows. To say I'm stressed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown might be an understatement. I'm trying to remain calm and just keep faith that at the end of the day God has a bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves, but my flesh is taking over and I'm having to fight hard to just trust the Lord.

For those of you out there that pray, could you please just pray for us and that we are able to remain strong even in times of uncertainty?

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. " Jeremiah 29:11
Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


A Cooking Rut...

 Monday, May 2, 2011

Have you ever been in a cooking rut? You know, constantly repeating the same 'ol meals every few weeks? Or, wanting to cook something then realizing you don't have one or two of the ingredients? Yeah, well I've been in one recently.

I generally pride myself on being a pretty good cook. I mean, I'm no Bobby Flay or Paula Deen, but I can hold my own in the kitchen. Being a stay at home wife, I normally like to let my creative juices flow in the kitchen making delicious new meals for the husband. Recently, not so much. It seemed the old tried and true recipes kept showing up over and over, without much variation.

So what is a girl to do? I'll tell you. Search the internet for cooking blogs and recipe sites. I have found several wonderful cooking blogs from mom and wives who make delicious things without all the hoopla of being too fancy. Just my style. I also found that both Kraft and Pillsbury have some great EASY recipes as well.

The meal plan was supposed to start yesterday, but Hubby took me out to lunch after church, and then we went to a cook out for dinner. Score! For not having to cook. I do, however, have my little menu on the fridge and everything is just getting pushed back a day. This time I actually am using the Kraft website for 99% of my recipes. I just thought it would help in forcing me to try completely new things, not to mention you can print of a grocery list directly from their site with everything you need for all the recipes you select. Easy! I also wanted to see what having a real plan would do for my grocery bill over the course of a month since I wouldn't have to keep running to the store for "just one thing" only to come home with 5. Saves a lot in the way of frustration too.

The plan is to try everything, then print off the recipes that we would like to have again (in the FUTURE...not next week) to add to my cookbook (that I'm going to make) that contains all of the things we love from a variety of locations. Maybe to hold myself accountable, and perhaps to help some of you others out there in food rut land, I will start posting my 2 week menu on here followed by a run down of what we thought of everything. At least that will be the plan for now. I'm sure I'll be MIA for a little bit once our little princess in here and turns our world upside down, followed by a move. At least my mom and grandma will be here to cook for us for a little while then. :)

So here goes:

The Challenge:
Make a 2 week menu, followed by a grocery list based on the menu. 

The Menu:
Monday- Creamy Tuna Casserole
Tuesday- Crispy Pesto Chicken
Wednesday - Cheesy Meatball Subs
Thursday - Chicken Alfredo Pasta
Friday- Polynesian Glazed Meatballs over Rice
Saturday- Leftover/Date Night
Sunday- Jude's Chicken Casserole
Monday- Creamy Shrimp and Rice
Tuesday- Spaghetti w/ Italian Sausage
Wednesday- Slow Cooker Chicken Curry w/ Basmati Rice
Thursday- Mexican Corn Bread w/ Salad
Friday- Saucy Pepper Steak over Rice
Saturday- Leftovers/Frozen Pizza (?)
Sunday- Spicy Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups w/ salad

Bonus quick meal- BBQ Sausage with Mac n Cheese
New Dessert- Gooey Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cake

As you can see I planned for 12 'real' meals because with only 2 of us, we always have leftovers. I also planned to make a casserole type dish at the start of the week so I would have left overs to put in Brian's lunch sporadically mixed with sandwiches and such.  I also included a "quick" meal, as something extra were we to need a quick substitute to something, or it could be used as a weekend lunch. I only did one dessert recipie this time simply because I already have cookie dough in the fridge and a few boxed dessert type items in the pantry.

I can't wait to see how it goes! I can tell you, already, after just today, I love the fact that I have everything I need. I made the decision to make the cake and I didn't have to worry about if I had everything. I knew I did and just hopped in the kitchen and got to cooking. I think I'm really going to like the ease of this, and hopefully it will save a little cash too.

How do you shop and cook?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


A few things checked off the list...

 Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. I know we did, minus the horrible weather we have been having. By horrible I mean, we couldn't even really see the lanes on the road to church. It was well worth the treacherous trip because Church was AWESOME to say the least.

This year was my first year to have the whole ham make it to the table...and well, only my second time to cook Easter dinner.  "Whole ham?" you ask.  Yes. The first year I cooked Easter dinner, our second year of marriage, Rak managed to take the ham off the stove while we napped and ate almost the entire thing. By some act of God we were able to salvage some, yes, in a sanitary way, but I was pissed sad hysterical about the whole situation. This year was great though. I can't wait to have Rafi to celebrate with us next year.

Today is the last day, of our last 4 day weekend, as a family of three (Rak counts as a family member!).  Next 4 day weekend we have, our sweet girl should be here!! I can't believe my pregnancy is really coming to an end. We have lots of big changes coming out way.

I also got this little bad boy from Brian and Rafi as an early portion of my birthday (May 23rd) gift. I guess Hubby got the hint, and felt bad for how disgusting the floors get with Rak. 

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Things I Want Thursday

 Thursday, April 21, 2011

You know there are always things that we want. Things we have actually wanted for awhile but just never seem to get around to buying for whatever reason? Yeah, I have a list going and have been hinting ever so tactfully to my husband recently about all of them. I mean...May is a big month at my house, especially this year. Mothers day, my Birthday, the potential birth month of our daughter. I firmly believe I should receive one of these for each of the 'holidays' mentioned...and then the rest just for good measure. I will even tell you why I want NEED all of these.

New bedding. Actually, I'd just take another set of sheets and wait on the actual bedding set. We seriously need another set of sheets. We have one set. Yes, that is right. One. I don't know exactly why that is, but I know it is annoying to have to wash and dry sheets before I can re-make the bed on laundry day. That could be because I always seem to forget about the sheets in the washer until right before bed and we are stuck waiting up for them to dry, or just rough it and sleep without them for the nigh. Ew. Our bedding set is like 3 years old and has seen better days, so I wouldn't complain about all new bedding either.

A camcorder. Do I even need to explain the NEED for this? We are about to have the most precious little girl in the world living in our house. Who doesn't want the first time she poops on dad recorded and documented forever, along with first roll, laugh, step, and anything else? Duh.

A steam mop. This sort of falls into the "we are about to have a baby" category. It also falls into the "I hate abhor mopping more than anything" category. I have used one of these little suckers before and loved it. Super easy, and left my floors clean without the mess and hassle of a mop bucket & cleaning solution. Maybe I'm just lazy.

New non-stick cookware (preferably Pampered Chef...but I'll settle for Paula Dean). When I got married I insisted on stainless steel cookware because it was prettier...and I knew best was stupid. I hate it. Seriously. I consider throwing a pot out the window almost daily. I have a wonderful huge deep skillet from Pampered Chef and use it for everything. It is common for me to hand wash that sucker to use if it is currently dirty when I'm about to cook (very easy to do by the way because that non-stick coating is amazing).  So why do I need this? Well because if my husband wants to continue to eat delicious home cooked meals, and not have to replace windows when I start throwing pots he'll buy me these.

What are some things you really want and just haven't gotten around to buying for whatever reason? Anything you are currently lusting after?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Lazy Dog...

 Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our my dog Rakkasan is one of the laziest dogs I have ever met. I'm serious. This is the Labrador who doesn't retrieve or swim.  I hope he is as laid back with our little lady gets here.  He already gets confused when my husband or I say her name...he thinks we are calling him because we call him Rakky (Rocky) lots of time. Sounds a lot like Rafi (Ra-fee). Poor guy.

Notice he is looking at the water and not in it.


Nom Nom

 Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think in the past I have pretty much established the fact I am a total foodie. I have made the comment that I didn't get fat on just Cheetos puffs. I don't like food, I like good food. Having RNY didn't change that about me. I'm the first to admit to being a 'cheater' while being pregnant...well I'll be honest, in the past couple weeks all bets have been off. I'm a carabaholic by nature. I had tamed the beast for a good while, then I hit my 3rd trimester, and the monster was back, and there was no fighting him off. I have no doubts I'll go back to my healthy and pouch guidelines once I have this little lady. For now, I just 'watch it'....and try not to eat a whole bag of Oreos in a day.

Now I don't have the money to go have a field day at specialty shops or anything like that. If I had to pick someone to be for a day, I think I'd pick Ina Garten. Have you seen the awesome little shops she goes in on her show? Not to mention, she makes some really scrumptious stuff too. I seriously think The Hampton's would be a foodies total heaven. Specialty gourmet shops? Yes, please.

Anyways, enough of that. I'm here to share a recipe with you all. Be warned this is not diet friendly...at all. But it is delicious. This is my version of a recipie my friend Belinda shared with me, mixed with this from Tina over at Mommy's Kitchen (awesome food blog by the way!), along with a few others I found in some recipie books and online places. So I'd say it is MY recipe, but really they are all so similar there are probably 5,00000 out there just like it.

Spaghetti Carbonara
5-8 Slices thick cut bacon, diced
1 Package spaghetti
2 garlic cloves, minced (I use the jarred stuff)
1/2 onion, diced
1 bag frozen peas, thawed
1/2-3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (I use the canned stuff)
1/4 cup heavy cream.
2 eggs
Pepper, to taste

Cook spaghetti according to package directions. While spaghetti is cooking fry bacon in large, deep skillet. Once bacon is nice and crispy pour off all but about 2tbs of excess grease. Add onion and saute' until onion starts to become translucent. Add garlic and saute' for 1-2mins longer, remove from heat. In separate bowl mix 1/2 cup cheese, cream, and eggs. Drain pasta, reserving about a cup of pasta water. Dump spaghetti into skillet. Pour cheese mixture over pasta and stir. Add peas. If sauce is too thick add some of the pasta water. I mess with it added a little more cheese and water until it is the consistency I want. You can't really mess it up if you add little bits at a time and continue to stir.

Garnish with a little extra cheese and serve with garlic bread.


Until tomorrow. If you're still there.

Mommy’s Kitchen


Time to freak out...

 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So, I have mentioned several times the move that we have coming this summer.  We are moving from Ft. Campbell, KY to Ft. Stewart, GA...about 9 hrs away. We are actually excited about this move, as we have been at Campbell for over 4 years. The husband only has a little over 2 years left in the Army, so we had almost given up the dream of seeing any other duty station, then he came down for orders to Stewart. Yay. 

Wanna know what is not so exciting? His original orders were for June 10th. Yes, the same June 10th that is only 6 days after my official due date of June 4th. "No big deal, we'll get them pushed back." We were planning on the worst case scenario of them being pushed back to August. We should have known better than to try and plan anything with the Army, because we all know that always never works. New report date is July 10th. Yep...the same July that is only a month after my due date. 

To say I'm having minor major freak out attack, would probably be an understatement. This is when I really wish my sweet little girl could tell me exactly what day she plans on gracing us with her presence, or that I was having a scheduled induction/c-section (not that I really want a c-section). I'm a planner by nature, and while I have learned to go with the flow quite a bit in the past 4+ years as an Army wife, having two things that really can't be planned without the other happening at the exact same time is a major test for me. MAJOR test. 

So now I'm praying this little lady will come sometime in May rather than June. I'd gladly take her as a birthday present...May 23rd anyone?

Yes, I know she is the cutest thing you have ever seen. =)
So today I will be filling out an application for an apartment in Hinesville, GA to get on the wait list in hopes they will have something waiting on us when we arrive, because the wait list for housing on post is 2-4 months long.  Hopefully next week we will be able to set up a date for the movers to come and really get this plan rolling...maybe then I'll feel better.

Come back tomorrow for a delicious recipe. :)

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


More DIY.

 Saturday, April 9, 2011

I figured I'd just take you all through the many, mini DYI-ish things that Brian and I have done in order to get ready for baby. Some stuff is really rather minor, but it is a way to introduce you to her nursery from behind the scenes. 

Now, I wouldn't say either of us are cheap per say, but having been at the bottom of the barrel before (can you say 17 &18 year olds being married on E-2 pay without a clue how to make a budget or manage money?) we are pretty determined we are never going back. So, while we do splurge here and there, we also follow a budget. Currently we are trying to get everything but my student loans paid off before Brian's ETS date in 2013, so cutting back where we can by using coupons or reclaiming things really helps.

This table was made by Brian's grandpa years ago. Somehow we acquired it when we got married, and it has been with us every since. I even stained it when Brian was in Iraq back in 2007. It has been a good little table holding a lamp and drinks in the living room for several years.

We realized with two other end tables in our living room we really didn't need this little guy, but that we could use a table in Rafi's room to put by the recliner to hold a lamp and anything else we might need in the wee hours of the morning with a baby. 

Blue Ocean Breeze = Tiffany Blue

Obviously this lovely brown was not going to work. Enter the hand sander and a can of spray paint, and this is what you end up with.

Spray paint will also turn this:
into this:

A slipcover will turn this old recliner from my dad:
Into this:

See, I told you it was a bunch of minor DIY things, but in the end we used what we already had, in a much better way, and saved some cash while we were at it. A comfy nursing corner was born.

Please ignore the cords, and horrible lighting in this picture.
We do still have some more things to get done in the nursery. Hanging things on the walls being the main thing. I need to hunt down some shelves to go over her changer/dresser. Once that is all done I'll post some "finished" pictures. I really wish that it was logical to paint the walls, but with an August move, and her not being due until June, it just seems pointless. Hopefully once I hang things, it will look just fine even with the ugly white/beige walls.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Much ado about a dresser re-do.

 Thursday, April 7, 2011

Okay, so I didn't make it back yesterday, but I'm here today. That is pretty good attendance on my part seeing my past record over the past few months.

I'm not sure I ever told you all about the nursery we are doing for little Miss Rafi. First, you should all know I'm a complete girly girl. I love the color pink. Now, Rafi's room is far from pink. We...or well I with the Mr.'s approval, chose to go a different path for our little lady. I am obsessed with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, and well, all thinks Audrey Hepburn. This obsession became the inspiration for her nursery. So, slightly vintage, black, white, and Tiffany blue was the goal. We wanted something that would grow with her and was classy and elegant. 

Something like this maybe?

Now, I had originally wanted an antique dresser and mirror. We had plans to find something on Craigslist or an antique shop and refurbish/ paint it. I just never could seem to find the exact right dresser, or when I did it was either gone in a heart beat, or well over the price point I was willing to pay. Not to mention, I really wanted something that was going to last her a long time. Lets face it, most of the drawers on antiques just don't glide as well as the new stuff, and there is always the fear of it just not being sturdy enough. 

The one thing I was not willing to compromise on "girly lines". I was fine buying a used (not antique) or new dresser, but it still needed to look like a girl. Yes, I said that an inanimate object needs to look a specific gender. Just go with me here.

This is what we ended up with.
I forgot to take a picture BEFORE removing a drawer.
All this really had going for it was good lines. The color was wrong...way wrong, and it was pretty nicked up. It was cheap however. So we sanded to our little hearts content...and then some.

After lots of sanding. And I do mean LOTS.
We started sanding this sucker by hand. It was horrible. At one point we thought we had sanded enough and started staining the next day. We were WRONG. The stain bubbled up, wouldn't soak in, looked streaky. It was great horrible. The above picture was "Sanding Take 2" after we broke down and bought a hand sander . A word to the wise: invest in a hand sander if you are refinishing a whole piece of already finished furniture. It will save you much frustration and trouble.

 So then we stained. Brian discovered using lamb wool made the process much easier and smoother finish. Two coats later, and 24hrs of drying later, I changed out the knobs for something much prettier than the 'button' looking originals and ended up with this.

Yes, that is a pink changing pad cover.
See what I mean about girly lines? This dresser most certainly looks like a girl and not a boy.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


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