"You're in my prayers."

 Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How many times have you heard or said that (or something similar). Hundreds, maybe thousands of times?

Now, how many times have you actually followed through on your promise to pray for someone?

I started thinking about this recently. All the times I told someone I would pray for them, normally when I knew they were in a tough spot and needed the encouragement and prayers. I was just always terrible at following though. Not on purpose of course. I'd always store it away in my mind and taking note to pray about it all later. I had the best of intentions. Part of the problem with that is not only would I forget to pray for all of these people, I would forget to pray period. No bueno.

About two weeks ago, in the mist of all of this "spiritual crossroads" stuff I told a friend I would pray for her about the overwhelming fear and anxiety she felt on a regular bases. I vowed right then that I WAS going to pray for her. That I was going to pray DAILY, and she was going to be part of those prayers. Since then I have told several other people that I was going to pray for them, and guess what? I've done it each time!

The key to my success wasn't that I necessarily had to stop right then and pray (though I have at times), it was just that I simply needed to set time aside in my day for prayer and reflection with God. A novel concept right? Duh, Morgan! For awhile I was just taking a few moments here and there when I would think about it. Which worked, sort of, but I still felt like I was distracted and lacking focus. Now I set time aside in the morning and at night before bed, as well as those moments here and there, or while I'm in the car. And when I say I put time aside, I don't mean I have a schedule "10:43-10:52; prayer time". I just mean I make the time to be on my own, focused, in prayer for an extended time during the day. It works for me.

So what about you? Do you follow through or tend to fall short when it comes to prayer requests? Do you stop then and pray or do you make a mental list, or real list, like me? Do you set time aside in your day for time with God and prayer or do you just take it a minute at a time throughout the day?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Laura86 December 8, 2010 at 8:41 PM  

This is such a great post! I have often wondered if people just say "I'll pray for you" or "You're in my prayers" just because it sounds right at the time. Whether or not the intentions are right. I for one literally do pray for every single person I say I will. Whether it be once or daily, I do it. I used to keep a prayer journal, but I don't know. I think it's a great thing to do and I think I will start again. There are certain people that I pray for on a daily basis, even more than once a day. But regardless if I say I'm going to pray for them, I do it. Also, if someone pops in my head for whatever reason, whether I know them IRL or not, I will say a quick prayer for them. I think that unless we follow through with the prayers we say we are going to pray, it's nothing but a bunch of empty meaningless words. Ya know?

Such a wonderful post, Morgan! <3

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