Chandeliers and Tutus

 Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This needs to come home with me
People always told me "oh boys are so much cheaper than girls." They weren't lying. I mean, no little boy wants or needs a chandelier for their nursery ya know? I mean, maybe a little girl doesn't NEED one, but seriously, are you going to deny your sweet little angel the joys of a chandelier? Especially when you have always dreamed of one yourself but never got it. The answer is no. You will buy it with a smile on your face. Promise.

To further explain how quickly you will drop money on your child without even thinking I have to tell you that even my husband agreed that Rafi needs a chandelier. He also openly admits that sending him to the store with or for her unsupervised would be detrimental to our bank account.  It just happens before you even know it hit you. Crazy.

Next, I must tell you about my new found obsession with tutus. I just think they are super precious and jazz up any plain little onesie you might own. Its another one of those things that as a little girl we all loved and can't wait to put on our own daughters. What I don't love is the price of them in stores. I mean seriously? Forty bucks for something so small? Even being the big spender I am it is hard for me to justify this purchase. Chandeliers that can be used for years, yes. Tutus that fit for a few months at best, no.

You might be thinking what a dilemma the above is. I was too for a very short amount of time, but your girl is not one to be put out in that way. So what did I do? Made my own of course.  Duh!
Black and Gold (ribbon has been trimmed)

Her daddy is a Saint's fan.
Tomorrow I have my 16week OB appointment. I'm kind of thinking and praying that I get an ultrasound as well. That might help lessen the blow of any weight I might have gained over the past month. I can still wear my normal jeans so I keep telling myself that I couldn't have gained much, but I have been wrong before. You'd think that a reformed fat chick would like the opportunity to gain weight without guilt, and maybe there is one out there who feels that way, she just isn't me. I'm not digging it.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Teenage Bride December 17, 2010 at 12:23 PM  

hey!!! I am so excited we get to experience pregnancy together now haha.

I love the tutu it is adorabel, I used to wear them every day when I was little. That and green eye shadow haha

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