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 Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So yes, I know I promised to be more diligent about posting, but I guess I kind of lied. I didn't lie on purpose, its more just that I haven't been feeling so hot and you are the ones who had to pay I suppose. 

Now you also get to pay by having to read all about my built up thoughts over the past week or so. I know, how exciting for you. This might be long.

Today is the first day in a few weeks that I have felt normal. And by normal, I mean really normal, not "eh, kinda okay". I was able to get up this morning and eat oatmeal without even needing to consume saltines first. I also enjoyed a nice Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club from Jack in the Box without puking! I feel so accomplished. I praying that maybe, just maybe, the all day morning sickness is gone, or at least on its way out the door. I'll be 10 weeks on Friday, so I'm nearing the end of my 1st Trimester. Everyone keeps telling me that the second trimester is the honeymoon of pregnancy, you feel better, your energy is back, yadda yadda. I'm holding out hope! 

I'd also like to take a brief moment to tell you all that while I find maternity jeans to be probably the next best thing to sliced bread, I can in fact still fit into and wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. I tell you this because I feel like I "gave in" too early on the days I put on a pair of maternity jeans. They are just so dang comfortable. I just needed it to be put into text in black and white that at 10 weeks, I was not too big to wear my normal jeans, I just chose not to sometimes. Having said that, my only complaint is that most of the time they are sized  S, M, L rather than your normal number size. I'm not entirely fond of this because when you are a size 12 (with the occasional 10) you need to buy a large to have room to grow. Only problem is, they will be huge for quite sometime since a large is a 12-14, and you are not a 14. On the off chance you find pants that do run in number sizes, finding anything from a size 8-12 will be like searching for black gold. Maybe its hard to find the really small sizes too, but it seems like when I was at Old Navy digging through jeans there was an over abundance of 6's and 14's, a few 8's and 10's and 12's were nearly impossible to find! Annoying!

So maybe that wasn't brief, and turned into more of a rant. The real subject I wanted to post about is Facebook. Yes, Facebook. 

After we announced our pregnancy my husband went through and deleted everyone but family and a few close friends from his Facebook (I'm going to refer to this as FB from now on). He said he just didn't feel too comfortable with people from his past that he never speaks to or hears from reading about our lives and our child. I couldn't help but agree, so I went through and started deleting people. Not as many as him, but people none the less. 

I didn't delete anyone out of spite or hatred. Really, I deleted people that never post even on their own FB, much less on mine. You know, the people who have FBs and you wonder why? Maybe they just have them to get on and look at other people pictures? I'm not sure. I deleted people I haven't spoken to in years. No big deal right? Well wouldn't you know some of them sent me requests again? Strange right? It is almost like my suspicion about them only having FB just to look at mine an others. It is like they got on and realized they couldn't see my pictures and tried to add me again. Some of these people are old friends from high school. Nice people that I have nothing against, so I felt simi-obligated to re-friend them. Am I crazy?

As in, am I crazy for deleting them to begin with, or am I crazy for adding them back? Who are you friends with on FB? Do you have 'standards' as to who you will add/keep on your friends list? Why are you friends with people on FB? To lurk and spy, or to really stay connected and keep in touch?

Help a girl out, and I promise a belly pic on Friday. :)

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Courtney October 27, 2010 at 3:50 PM  

I'll befriend almost anyone (for the reason you mentioned... I feel weird denying them), but only people I like have access to my wall posts, my updates, or my photo albums.

colleen October 27, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

I found that Burling Coat Factory had the bst maternity clothes EVER. Jeans for 15 bucks, shirts for 5 bucks.. awesome. There is one right next to Vanderbilt complete with a Baby Depot in Nashville. :)

FB - well I add some people I don't know that well, but I use my privacy settings so that only the people I want to see certain things can. It's worked out for me.

Morgan L October 27, 2010 at 4:18 PM  

Thanks girls!

Okay, so how do I stay friends with people, yet limit what they can and cannot see. I'm obviously FB illiterate.

sarah October 28, 2010 at 11:01 AM  

The only reasons I delete people off my FB are:
1) drama queens
2) Bigotry, racist, sexist etc status updates and comments.

I HAVE been deleted though, and you know what? Sometimes I don't even notice, or it literally takes me months to notice. Oh well. They couldn't have been that close, so I'm okay with it :)

Courtney October 28, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

Morgan, at the top right of the screen, go to account, then privacy settings. The go to customize settings. Then click on each drop down menu and a box will pop up. Under make this visible to: put friends only. Then under hide this from, insert the friends you want to hide. To make it easier, you can create a whole new friends group (let me know if you need help with that. Then instead of entering each person 50 billion times (because you will to change each setting), you can just enter their category (gaming friends, for example, if you play any facebook games). Let me know if you need more help.

Lauren Ragan November 5, 2010 at 4:50 PM  

I deleted some people not too long ago, out of spite, yes, but still deleted them and a few of them re-friended me. I guess they didn't get the picture. *sigh* people these days. :)

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