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 Monday, September 6, 2010

Well yesterday was my 8 month surgiversary! As of this morning I am 125lbs down, and 5 pounds from doctors goal!  I am down from a 22-26 bottom and 18-22 top to a 12 bottom (I don't guess 10's from Gap really count? lol) and M/L in blouses, and a small t-shirt.  But you know what? As much as I love all those numbers and letters. They do make me happy. 

You know what makes me the happiest? I can RUN 3 miles. Out of all of the things I have accomplished in the past 8 months, running is what I'm most proud of. Something about being able to run (without feeling like I might have a stroke!) is the proof that I am alive, not just alive, but living. I am no longer on the sidelines, behind the camera, I'm in the game. I couldn't be more happy.

(Picture on the right is what I'm wearing to pick up Brian!)

So I'm making a vow to myself today that I will NOT let numbers torment me anymore. I am happy. I am living life. I have gained so much by losing this weight, and to me what I gained far outweighs the weight I've lost.

Brian isn't home yet, but should be *fingers crossed* tomorrow! I'll be sure to update you all once he is home and were settled.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.
(Oh and sorry about yesterday. I was crazy busy!)


Where the Green Grass Grows.

 Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today is one of those days where you just have to say, "God is Good!"

I woke up to the most beautiful day outside! Right now its noon, and 70 degrees out, a breeze is blowing, and not a cloud in sight. I have all my windows open, the A/C off, and the back door open. The dogs are enjoying playing out back with the occasional dash inside to make sure Mommy is still here. I'm cleaning and listening to some country music. The only thing that would make this day any better is to have Brian home. This weather makes me a little nostalgic for memories past, but I keep coming back to the fact that I simply could not ask for more.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it from the weather to the pumpkin pie scented candles. What is yours?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.
(And assuming my hubby isn't home!)



 Friday, September 3, 2010

So I went and got my spray on tan today. I must say, I'm pretty impressed! I was worried about it turning out streaky or something, but it didn't. I just took a shower and any imperfections that were there, are gone. Woohoo!

I was really surprised when I got to the tanning salon today and they asked me what level Mystic Tan I wanted. Really? I had no idea there were levels. Back where I'm from, there is one. Everyone uses the same machine with the same formula. Pretty simple. Not the case here. The girl told me there were 3 levels, and with my skin tone she recommended the level 2. She said the 3 was really dark and the one time she got it, she didn't like it. Okay then...sure, I'll take a level 2 spray tan. Thanks.

I also got my car cleaned out, other than vacuuming it. It looked like it was going to pour any second this morning, and seeing how I had just gotten a spray tan, I couldn't get wet for 8 hours. I certainly didn't want to be stuck outside with my beautiful Dyson vacuuming the car out when the heavens opened up. That my friends, would be no bueno.

The dogs got a bath yesterday, and they are already back to being dirty, so I have given up. Brian is just going to have some dirty dogs when he gets home. I'm sure he wont mind, and they certainly don't. I'm not going to stress it.

Tomorrow my plan is to clean the house...again. Wash the sheets, and pray its my last night alone for 2 weeks!

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Homeward Bound.

 Thursday, September 2, 2010

This can only mean one thing.

My husband is on his way home!

Yep, its official, he has now begun the long journey home. I expect him as early as this weekend, on into next week. Not sure yet, but at least he is on his way!  The goal is to have everything 'done' by Saturday night (because I don't really expect him before then) short of just needing to run a vacuum over the floor before I run out the door. 

Tomorrow I plan on cleaning out the car and washing it. Then possibly going to get a spray on tan. Yes, I'm serious. I haven't had enough time to build my tan up via the natural sun, or the tanning bed, so a spray on is starting to sound pretty promising. We'll see. 

Saturday, I plan on bathing the dogs. That could very well turn into an all day event with my two heathens. I was going to get Loux groomed, but I really don't feel like paying $55 bucks right now when   I'm sure Brian will end up wanting to take them to the lake to swim while he is home. 

Tonight while doing laundry I plan on watching the Saints whoop up on the Titans. Too bad Brian wont be able to see his team sweep the field! But I'll be sure to watch and give him a full run down once he is home! 

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Lets play a game.

 Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where in the world is Brian Latiolais?

Have you seen this man?

Well, I heard from Brian yesterday and he said that he could be starting his journey home as early as today. He said he'd call first thing in the morning. Has he? No. Soooo....He could still be where he was yesterday, he could be somewhere else in Afghanistan, he could be in some other country entirely. I'm getting pretty darn excited. I've been cleaning off and on all day, only to realize there is no point, because I'm going to want to do it all again right before he is home anyway. Oh well. Its a nervous twitch I suppose.

You should all go to bed tonight sleeping peacefully knowing that I did in fact come up with an outfit. Thanks to my friend Tori for looking at 30 million different picture texts last night to help me come up with something that is cute and I'm comfortable with. 

Now lets talk about something that has been driving me bonkers. 

Does anyone else have that one person that you just cant seem to escape? They message you every time your online, or text you, or maybe if your even more unfortunate than me, they randomly drop by your house. I know your bound to. This person isn't really someone you ever hated, but their annoying behavior has you right on the edge of hatred? Yeah. I have one of those now. How do you get the point across, or do you just let it go and deal? Its just...sometime I don't care. I have a life, I have my own issues. I'm sorry if it makes me heartless, but that means I'm not always in the mood to hear about yours. Geez. FML.

Now I realize that I now probably have several people reading this thinking "am I this person"? Well are you? Heck, am I? I really never want to be that person that my 'friend' is trying to run from, but I guess its always likely that I am. Maybe these people don't realize when they are 'that guy'. Oh my. Food for thought I guess.

Today it was so nice outside I was able to go run my neighborhood. I hope this is a new trend and I can keep it up. I love running outdoors!

And lastly, my new favorite snack?

PB&J Yogurt
1cup 0% plain greek yogurt (I use Fage)
2-3tbs PB2
1tbs strawberry preserves
1 packet Splenda

Mix together; eat.

I normally eat this about 1/2 a cup at a time, so I just mix it and put it in a Glad container.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


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