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 Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So most of you know that I have been counting down the days to October. Well as of this morning, it looks like I am now counting down the days until SEPTEMBER!!

Yep, it looks like Hubby is coming home for R&R sooner than expected. I'm excited, but still in shock. It doesn't help that I seriously did not get to talk to him this morning when he told me. He literally told me this information on Yahoo, I said all of two words, and he had to go. So of course my mind is racing even more!

So I spent the day cleaning out and organizing the garage. I finished hanging up all of the clothes in our closet, and filled our dresser. Now I just need to get a drawer set to put our outrageous amount of t-shirts and sweat pants in. Then the master suite will be complete!

To top my crazy day off, my A/C is out. Yes, out. Its been really nice and cool out the past two days, so you'd think it wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact I can't get my windows open! I'll be talking to my landlord about that tomorrow when the A/C repair man comes. It seems to be a hazard if there were to be a fire or something.

I am actually sleeping on the couch tonight because it seems to be the coolest room in the house. Hopefully the A/C guy will be here early tomorrow because I really need to tackle my bedroom, and the guest bedroom, but that is going to be nearly impossible with this greenhouse effect I seem to have going in my house!

I hate to cut this short, but the laptop in my lap is making me even hotter. haha

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


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