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 Saturday, August 28, 2010

So yesterday I discovered a new food called PB2. 

If your a peanut butter addict like myself, your going to want to try this. 

It is basically powdered peanut butter. You can either add it dry to protein shakes and things like that, or you can reconstitute it with water and eat it like you would normal PB. It does lack a little of the "stick to the roof of your mouth" factor, but for only 45 calories a serving (regular PB is about 188), I can deal. In a shake, you will notice no difference, and when using it like the real stuff, the flavor is the same so you can certainly get your PB fix without killing your diet. 

I will always be a Jiff girl at heart, and as an occasional treat, you better believe I'll still eat the real stuff. For everyday use, this stuff rocks!

Today, after going to the gym to run (13:09 mile pace, including warm up and cool down...HELL YEAH) I went to Target.

 My plan was to get a belt to wear with a dress I already own to pick up Brian from the airport in. Yes, I was going to buy a new dress, and I still might. I just haven't found anything that I love and to be honest, I'd rather spend $50 on a dinner out than a dress that Brian won't even notice. All of the clothes I own now are new to him anyways, not that it would matter either way. So alas, I think I will be wearing a floral dress I already own, with a belt, and my cowgirl boots. Why boots you ask? Well they look cute with the dress, and Brian will get a kick out of it. I call it Texas chic because its what all of us girls wear to the country bars. It will put a smile on my handsome husbands face, so I don't care if the people at BNA look at me like I've lost my mind. haha

I also came home with a pair of shorts. Not just any short. Okay, well maybe any short, but not any short I'd have ever worn before. For a long time I only wore bermuda shorts, then I graduated to feeling comfortable in shorts that were a bit shorter (Old Navy sells a 7 inch inseam online only, and I loved those!) probably somewhere around a 6inch inseam or so? Well today called for desperate measures. I bought 3inch inseam shorts. *GASP* I'm honestly not very sure how I feel about these. They are the ONLY shorts Target had, and it was either buy them and not burn up, or wear jeans and burn up. I literally have one pair of shorts from American Eagle that I can wear, and they are too big, but they don't exactly fall off, so I just make them work. 

(Mine are Khaki)

I had just been wearing a lot of work out and cheerleading shorts the past month or so because I had no other options and no one to impress. But with Brian coming home, I thought I needed at least one more pair of shorts to wear during the day if it were hot, and not look like a gym rat. We'll see what he thinks. I'm half expecting him to pass out that I even bought these shorts, and tell me that they are too short. lol But that is probably just my being super self-conscience talking. My butt doesn't hang out, so were at least good in that department. I did end up buying them a size big so they would sit lower on my hips and look longer. Hummm... I'm still not so sure!

Tonight the Cowboys play the Texas. I of course will be rooting for the Cowboys all the way, and even sporting my Tony Romo Jersey that my friend Jennifer over at Lovely Ramblings sent me a few weeks ago. 

So now I'll leave you with the an article to read. All I can say is that this hits very close to home. Please keep Brian, his guys, and the rest of our troops in your prayers.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


sarabug August 28, 2010 at 5:19 PM  

You look AMAZING! I know you will be able to rock those shorts girl...=]

I'm gonna have to try this powdered PB. I love chocolate PB shakes so this would probably be a good option.

Jennifer August 28, 2010 at 11:22 PM  

I am still so amazed at how wonderful you look! And boo that the Cowboys lost! :(

Courtney August 29, 2010 at 12:04 PM  

I had mixed feelings watching the game last night, since I'm a diehard Dallas fan and a recent Texans convert... You SERIOUSLY cannot live here and not get into it a little bit. :) I ended up rooting for the Texans (figured they would be the underdog) as Brandon rooted for our ol' Standby... Man o man does Dallas need some work. I LOVE how excited the Texans get when they make a block or score. Only wish I had gotten to be there in person.

Janna August 29, 2010 at 1:50 PM  

You look great girl! And where can you get the PB2? I'm very interested in that- I like putting a little pb in my overnight oatmeal, but the calories are the killer!

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