Faith, do you have it?

 Saturday, August 7, 2010

So I really had no idea what I was going to post about until...just now. I'm currently watching a show on Fox News (yep, I'm pretty conservative, but that really has nothing to do with this at all.) about honor killings in America. Right now they are talking about this young American girl, who at 15, married a muslim man, from Egypt,  twice her age. Now she is old, and had 3 kids with him. It really just started so I'm not 100% sure exactly what is going to happen. I have a feeling it has something to do with the children they had together though. I'm just kind of in shock that parents would sign off on letting their 15 year old child marry a grown man. 

Then I started thinking about religion. 

I mentioned before that I am Catholic. I have always been very interred in other faiths, not just other Christian religions, but other belief systems entirely. Judaism, Islam, name it, I'd like to know more. I just find it all fascinating, and can't seem to learn enough. Anyone else out there a religion junky like me?

And then religion in relationships.

When I was younger I always thought (or knew) I would just marry someone else who was Catholic, but I never dated or didn't date someone just because of their religion. I mean, being a fellow Christian was a must, because I knew if we were ever going to make it, a shared belief in Jesus Christ was a must, but short of that I wasn't overly picky. Just so happens, Brian is not only Christian, but Catholic, which is even better for me. Not because I have anything against other denominations, but its better for us because then there are no religious disputes period. Not so much of a problem for couples, I can just see how it could be hard once children are involved. Especially if both parents are devout in their religious views. 

Brian and I were both brought up Catholic, and are both firm believers and devout in our faith. (I say that knowing I missed mass tonight of course. lol) My point is that we both would never want to be any other denomination, or raise our children any other way (had we never met or gotten married). We both love our faith, even if we aren't the most admirable examples of Catholicism in action at times. We are both human, so I guess that is to be expected.

I love that God blessed me with a life partner who shares all the same beliefs with me. I guess he really does know what he is doing. It is nice to have someone to confide in and ask about things when you feel lost. Not just about the normal money, or kids, or friends, don't get me wrong, that is nice and a true blessing, but being blessed with a man who helps feed your desire for God. Well it is awesome. I think it will be phenomenal for our children to have two parents to raise them who are on the same page with almost everything.

What about you? Do you think that having similar belief systems is important in a relationship? (not necessarily the same denomination, but same values at least) Do you and your significant other have a shared faith? Do you think that is good or bad?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Megan,  August 7, 2010 at 9:30 PM  

Yes Morgan, I am in total agreement with you on Religion in relationships. Being with someone who has the same beliefs as you and understands the importance of Faith in your life is such an important part of healthy relationships. :)

And I am also a "wanna know about all religions" person :) I find it so fascinating the different views that people have, whether I agree with them or not.

Kasey August 7, 2010 at 9:34 PM  

I am also a religion junkie. I find it fascinating and actually considered being a Theology major but the job prospects don't seem so great unless I would become a pastor. And I am not so sure about that.

I do believe similar beliefs are important. I have a friend who, after a year of marriage, found out that her husband was an atheist. To me, that seems like a huge thing to miss out on in their dating stages and it has caused huge fights in their family- especially where their kids are concerned. I am afraid of how things are going for them because of this...

I am a Methodist. My husband is non-denominational but we do hold the same values and he has never minded going to Methodist churches with me nor does he mind that I want to raise our children in that denomination. But we did talk about this before we got married and I am not sure I could have married someone who didn't share at least the very basis of my beliefs.

ally August 7, 2010 at 10:58 PM  

I bought religion for dummies, because I wanted to know more about other religions. I'm baptist, so other rligions are pretty different from anything I was raised around. I have a pet peeve when people confused Religion with Denomination. When someone asks "what religion are you?" Most people say "catholic" or "baptist" but the correct response there would be "Christian". Your denomination is the area of Christianity you believe in. I know its a minor thing, but its still a peeve.
Dating or marrying outside of your faith is extremely hard. I don't know how people do it. I dated a devout Catholic once, and it was very hard. It would have never worked between us. I can't marry someone who can't worship with me. Get the religion for dummies book though, its interesting. I think you'd like it.
Ps- love the blog! :) Ally

J August 8, 2010 at 8:08 AM  

I second everything Kasey said, except the denominations part. DH and I don't have a particular one. I wanted to make sure though that he was comfortable with our children learning about the Jewish side of their heritage and the culture and religion that goes with it.

Anonymous,  August 10, 2010 at 9:19 AM  

so apparently i missed this post the first go round lol.....

but to answer your question Morgan.... I couldn't see myself marrying anyone who wasn't Catholic... not because of any sort of prejudice or anything.... but because I'm just sooooo Catholic.... ((i don't mean I'm perfect by any means... I just mean that its who I am... just last night i was at an airport bar and the guy a couple stools over and I bonded over NFP...))

Catholicism, particularly the belief in the Eucharist, is just so intrinsic in my beliefs and my values... That I don't know if anyone who's not Catholic could handle me. ((heck, I think some CATHOLICS have a hard time handling me ;) ))

anyway... that's my two cents, i love your blog!!

<3 Caitlin Alanna Elizabeth Ann

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