Crazy people don't know...

 Saturday, August 14, 2010

that they are crazy. 

Thats a good thing, because I feel like I'm crazy. 

Something has got to be up with my hormones. Seriously. It is probably not normal, or a good thing to honestly feel like a psycho. I've been going through some weird "cycle", averaging 1-2 times a month where I will feel normal for awhile, and then like a psycho for awhile. Its not good for me, or anyone else who has to deal with me. The good thing is, not many people have to deal with me during the psycho portion of this cycle, because I don't feel like being around or dealing with people at that point.

Actually, I pretty much always don't feel like dealing with people. At least not many of them. I have gradually changed, and just can't seem to deal with as much drama or bullshit as I use to be able to. My tolerance is low, and my ability to keep my mouth shut isn't much better.

I wish I could trap the way that I feel when I run and keep it with me all the time. Then maybe things would be better.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Kaitlin August 15, 2010 at 2:32 PM  

That happens to me about 2 days out of the month. Your not alone :)

Catie,  August 16, 2010 at 9:18 PM  

You're not alone! There is something I used called Rescue Remedy, I find it at GNC but it really seems to help. Love ya, Catie

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