I'd rather go naked.

 Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Okay, maybe not, but at this rate it looks like naked is exactly how I will be picking Brian up at the airport. I literally have NOTHING to wear. I know this is a very classic girl thing to say, but I promise you, its the truth this time. I have items, not outfits. I am so tired of going though the handful of clothes I have that fit trying to think of a way to make them into an outfit, and I'm tired of going into stores only to walk out with more items, not outfits. I went to Gap, Old Navy, and Buckle tonight only to walk out with a pair of skinny jeans (WHY!?) and a jean skirt. Once again, items, not outfits, and when I got home to see if I had anything to wear with either of those items, then answer was a resounding NO. Ugh.

Maybe Brian will be impressed with my Nike running shorts, and matching pink tank top? Because at this point, that outfit is the only one that is looking remotely promising.

In the mist of this clothing drama I did have a happy moment. While in Gap I decided to try on some jeans, the one thing I don't need anymore of. I use to have some Long and Lean jeans that I loved, but now they are huge on me. I grabbed the 12's...to my surprise they were big. Hello 10's! Now it should be pointed out right now that Gap runs big. No where else do I wear a 10, much less able to put on 8's snuggly. But it was still a happy moment. In that moment I got to pretend I was skinny, and yes I know an 8 is not skinny by most people standards, but for someone who is 5'8 and use to wear a 24, an 8 is DAMN skinny. Bahaha!

So tomorrow I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed because that is one of the things that was not an option to mark off of my 'to-do' list without actually doing it. I'm long over due. Good thing that I don't go many other places than the gym, and no one at the gym is concerned with your eyebrows. I'm still debating getting my hair done, mostly because I'm scared of doing something this close to him being home, and not having enough time to fix it if I hate it. I don't hate my hair right now, so I'm thinking it should just stay like it is. I however might get a pedicure just for some relaxation.

Right now my head is hurting, and I want my Detour bar (delicious, protein, tastes like a Snickers).

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Life is good.

 Monday, August 30, 2010

I guess I should have gotten back on here last night to let you all know I DID end up hearing from Brian. Looks like I'll be seeing his smiling face, in person, in about a week...or so. YAY!

I woke up this morning down 3 pounds, only 9 away from my doctors goal. I'm pretty darn pumped! Now you should know, my goal, and my doctors goal are not the same. So, I do still have a little bit to go to get to my goal, but this is a really big mini goal for me.

Today I took a break from working out and spent the day with my friend Jessica. We had fun just running around town doing little errands.

You should also all be proud that I wore my new shorts out, in public. No one laughed at me, stared, or asked me to leave. I was pretty self conscience, but I'm proud of myself to stepping out of my comfort zone. That is part of making a change and growing as a person right?

Tomorrow, I have got to go get a new air filter. When the guy fixed my A/C he told me I need to just go and buy a cheap one at Walmart because this one is making the A/C work too hard, and since we don't have allergies we don't need this ultra filter. Not to mention, the dreaded dust is back. My house is covered in dust after like 2 days. I'm sick of it. It makes it seem like I don't clean, and if you knew me, you'd know I'm sort of a clean freak. So tomorrow, a cheap filter is coming home with me, and this one, that my landlord probably spent way too much on, is going in the garage.

Now I'm off to go find something to eat. I'm way behind on my eating today and my head is telling me so.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


No News is Good News.

 Sunday, August 29, 2010

This weekend has just been mentally exhausting for me. So much stuff is going on in Afghanistan. I try very hard, normally with success, not to watch the news. This weekend the big event was hard not to notice. Sometimes things just hit close to home so its hard not to see the smoke, so to speak. 

This morning I went to the gym and ran 5k (3.10miles) on the treadmill in 41 mins. Something about stress gives me a boost. On my way home, I cried. I drove past my house and through my neighborhood just to make sure there were no government cars parked somewhere. Yes...its been that bad. Its the first time I've ever done that, and I never want to feel this way again. 

Tomorrow I plan on spending some time with my friend Jessica who sent her husband back to Afghanistan today from R&R. I have missed her these past 2 weeks, but I'm really glad she and her hubby had such a great time. I'm glad I'll get to catch up with her and hear all about their adventures before Brian comes home and its our turn. 

Speaking of R&R (as if I haven't been doing that the past week?!) I have been looking for a photographer to take pictures of Brian and I. We have some that were done when Brian came home from Iraq last deployment. I hate them now because of how I look. Its time for some pictures that show the me that I have always been on the inside. I want some fun, candid, outdoor photos of Brian and I that capture our personality. Maybe even some with our NFL jerseys on (his is Saints, mine is obviously Cowboys) to use as our Christmas cards.

While looking for a photographer I found Paige Kimball Photography. Her photos are so awesome! I think they are very Ralph Lauren-esq. While looking at her blog I found this.

Nothing I ever knew I always wanted. Now I must have some for myself. Of course, those won't be going on the Christmas cards, but I just think they are beautiful and so romantic. I need those for our kids to see when we are long gone, so they will know Mom and Dad were hot and so in love 'once upon a time'. I can't wait to work with Paige next month and get some awesome photos. Of course I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes and give a sneak peak. 

Now I'm off to get ready to watch Geraldo At Large. Maj.Gen. Campbell, commander of the 101st Airborne, Brian's Division, is going to be on there talking about the attempted attacks on FOB Salerno, Afghanistan (the link I posted yesterday). I of course will be all ears. 

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Some Firsts...

 Saturday, August 28, 2010

So yesterday I discovered a new food called PB2. 

If your a peanut butter addict like myself, your going to want to try this. 

It is basically powdered peanut butter. You can either add it dry to protein shakes and things like that, or you can reconstitute it with water and eat it like you would normal PB. It does lack a little of the "stick to the roof of your mouth" factor, but for only 45 calories a serving (regular PB is about 188), I can deal. In a shake, you will notice no difference, and when using it like the real stuff, the flavor is the same so you can certainly get your PB fix without killing your diet. 

I will always be a Jiff girl at heart, and as an occasional treat, you better believe I'll still eat the real stuff. For everyday use, this stuff rocks!

Today, after going to the gym to run (13:09 mile pace, including warm up and cool down...HELL YEAH) I went to Target.

 My plan was to get a belt to wear with a dress I already own to pick up Brian from the airport in. Yes, I was going to buy a new dress, and I still might. I just haven't found anything that I love and to be honest, I'd rather spend $50 on a dinner out than a dress that Brian won't even notice. All of the clothes I own now are new to him anyways, not that it would matter either way. So alas, I think I will be wearing a floral dress I already own, with a belt, and my cowgirl boots. Why boots you ask? Well they look cute with the dress, and Brian will get a kick out of it. I call it Texas chic because its what all of us girls wear to the country bars. It will put a smile on my handsome husbands face, so I don't care if the people at BNA look at me like I've lost my mind. haha

I also came home with a pair of shorts. Not just any short. Okay, well maybe any short, but not any short I'd have ever worn before. For a long time I only wore bermuda shorts, then I graduated to feeling comfortable in shorts that were a bit shorter (Old Navy sells a 7 inch inseam online only, and I loved those!) probably somewhere around a 6inch inseam or so? Well today called for desperate measures. I bought 3inch inseam shorts. *GASP* I'm honestly not very sure how I feel about these. They are the ONLY shorts Target had, and it was either buy them and not burn up, or wear jeans and burn up. I literally have one pair of shorts from American Eagle that I can wear, and they are too big, but they don't exactly fall off, so I just make them work. 

(Mine are Khaki)

I had just been wearing a lot of work out and cheerleading shorts the past month or so because I had no other options and no one to impress. But with Brian coming home, I thought I needed at least one more pair of shorts to wear during the day if it were hot, and not look like a gym rat. We'll see what he thinks. I'm half expecting him to pass out that I even bought these shorts, and tell me that they are too short. lol But that is probably just my being super self-conscience talking. My butt doesn't hang out, so were at least good in that department. I did end up buying them a size big so they would sit lower on my hips and look longer. Hummm... I'm still not so sure!

Tonight the Cowboys play the Texas. I of course will be rooting for the Cowboys all the way, and even sporting my Tony Romo Jersey that my friend Jennifer over at Lovely Ramblings sent me a few weeks ago. 

So now I'll leave you with the an article to read. All I can say is that this hits very close to home. Please keep Brian, his guys, and the rest of our troops in your prayers.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.



 Friday, August 27, 2010

Its bedtime. I had a busy day. I promise a blog tomorrow.


Sweet relief!

 Thursday, August 26, 2010

So my A/C is finally fixed! Praise you sweet Baby Jesus! 

Today I got up at 7am because the fiance of one of Brian's soldiers sent me a message letting me know that Brian said "confirmed. no communication at OP". Meaning, his date was confirmed but he had to leave before he could call to let me know. Not leave to come home, but leave for another location for a couple of days that doesn't have phones or internet. So I got up, more excited now, to get my butt in gear.

Today I got my guest room (hopefully soon-to-be nursery) cleaned. Or well as cleaned as its going to be until I get to Walmart to get some plastic drawers to put our T-shirts, and Brian's PT's in. But I can at least mark that off of my list.

 In the time I had planned to go workout and make a Walmart trip today (how foolish of me to think that the A/C people would be here early?) I decided to completely re-organize my kitchen. That was not even really on the "HAS to be done before Brian gets home" list, but once I started moving a few things around....it just happened. Suddenly I looked up and realized that all of my cabinets were empty and everything was on the counter, table, and floor. Typical Morgan.

I also spent sometime online looking for a dress to wear to pick Brian up from the airport in. I would so post the one I really love right now, but I'm scared Brian will be able to get on here before he starts his journey home and will see it. Its not that it has to be a surprise, but at the same time I kind of want to look amazing and knock his socks off. I'm going to shop around town this weekend, and if I don't find anything then I'll be ordering this dress from Victorias Secret. I'm just scared to order it, it not work, and then be pressed for time to find something else. Ugh! Maybe I'll just find the perfect dress or outfit this weekend and not have to worry about ordering anything. 

Tomorrow I plan on getting in a good workout and/or run to burn off some of this crazy stress! Then I think I'm going to make a pot of Wendy's Chili and put it in the freezer. It would give Brian and I a quick meal while he was home so I don't have to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking for him. I'm contemplating doing the same thing with a pot of Gumbo, and Chicken and Dumplins. Anything that I have leftover I can always put in containers for me to eat the next couple of months. haha We'll just see how much time I have in-between getting other things done this next week. Its going to be a busy day of getting my nails, toes, tan, and hair done. Not to mention cleaning my carpets, bathing Rak, and getting Loux groomed. haha

Yikes! I can't believe were already so close, so fast. It really doesn't seem real yet though. I guess I'll believe it more once I actually get to talk to Brian in depth about it, and then of course, once he is on a plane headed this way. 

Now I'm off to eat a cookie, watch some Jersey Shore , then lay in bed and watch War and Peace. Tonight I hope I get some good sleep since I wont be sweating!

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Who the BLEEP...

 Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So I'm pretty excited that in about 15mins this new show "Who the Bleep Did I Marry?" comes on! I've been looking forward to this show for a few weeks when I first saw the preview.

Today is day number two of NOT counting calories, and only counting my protein intake. I know your probably wondering why. Well simply put, I was becoming a bit obsessed and spending way too much time changing things trying to make everything fit into certain parameters, like 40/35/25. What does that mean? It means I was trying to make sure that 40% of my calories came from protein, 35% cam from carbs, and 25% came from fat. Which is healthy and fine, until you let it start to rule your life. I made a deal with myself that I was going to go a week not counting calories and only count my protein grams just to "see what happens". I'm fairly sure the world isn't going to end, at least it hasn't since yesterday, but we still have 5 days to go. The verdict is still out.

Tonight is night number two of no A/C. The good news is that it has been cool and decent outside, so the house hasn't gotten too terribly hot. My landlord has a new A/C unit coming first thing in the morning because the current unit is 17 years old and just not worth constantly repairing. He even got my windows fixed so I can open them. I'm going to love that once Fall is here full force. I love me some fresh air! The man is so nice he even brought me two fans because he felt so bad and said he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight knowing I had to be here alone, with the windows open just to stay cool. Aww. I really couldn't have asked for a better landlord.

No new real news on Brian's leave. I heard from him this morning and he said he needed to check on the dates a bit more, and made it seem like he was going to do that today and call me to let me know what he  found out. Of course, as with everything Army or Afghanistan related, that didn't happen according to plan, at least not mine. So hopefully I'll hear something tonight or tomorrow more concrete. I know he already kind of has his heart set on this new date (as do I, really, I just feel like I have 1000 things to do!) so for his sake, I hope it happens.

I haven't gotten to work out the past two days, and I'm dying. I've been stuck at home waiting on people constantly about this A/C unit. Hopefully the guy will be here early tomorrow and I'll be able to get in some gym or run time! If not, Friday, it has to happen! I really am going crazy! I know I won't get the 12lbs off I had wanted to before R&R if this new date holds out, but I have to at least try to get some of it off! Not to mention, I just really like working out. I always feel so much better after a workout.

I'm sorry I haven't had any fun or cool topics lately. Just my life. Mostly because I have a lot going on and I need a place to release it. I promise once things calm down I'll try to get back to more universal topics. For now you'll just have to deal.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Where to begin?

 Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So most of you know that I have been counting down the days to October. Well as of this morning, it looks like I am now counting down the days until SEPTEMBER!!

Yep, it looks like Hubby is coming home for R&R sooner than expected. I'm excited, but still in shock. It doesn't help that I seriously did not get to talk to him this morning when he told me. He literally told me this information on Yahoo, I said all of two words, and he had to go. So of course my mind is racing even more!

So I spent the day cleaning out and organizing the garage. I finished hanging up all of the clothes in our closet, and filled our dresser. Now I just need to get a drawer set to put our outrageous amount of t-shirts and sweat pants in. Then the master suite will be complete!

To top my crazy day off, my A/C is out. Yes, out. Its been really nice and cool out the past two days, so you'd think it wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact I can't get my windows open! I'll be talking to my landlord about that tomorrow when the A/C repair man comes. It seems to be a hazard if there were to be a fire or something.

I am actually sleeping on the couch tonight because it seems to be the coolest room in the house. Hopefully the A/C guy will be here early tomorrow because I really need to tackle my bedroom, and the guest bedroom, but that is going to be nearly impossible with this greenhouse effect I seem to have going in my house!

I hate to cut this short, but the laptop in my lap is making me even hotter. haha

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


38 Days.

 Monday, August 23, 2010

Until October! 

This morning I got up and had a great workout with my friend Amanda. I won't lie, I was dreading waking up to make it to my friends house by 9:45 to head to the gym. I guess you could say I just don't like having 'plans' per-say. I kind of like to just roll with the punches and do as I please. Part of that is because I like to sleep late. Probably not for the reason of laziness that your thinking though. I like to sleep late because it makes my day go by faster. And well, with a husband deployed, any way to make the day go by faster, well, I'm all for it. Anyone else hate having plans?

Today was actually pretty nice out! I was surprised. I think it made it to about 90 (an all time low as of late) and the humidity was low too. I kind of wish I'd gotten to run outside in it. I'm holding out hope that tomorrow will be equally as nice and I can run around my neighborhood rather than going to the gym. I like to switch things up, and sometimes I get way bored at the gym, running on the treadmill. Blah!

I also got the house mostly clean today. Tomorrow is just laundry and tackling my bedroom. Wahoo!!

I really wish I had some awesome topic to talk about today, but I just don't. I'm not feeling witty or anything. Actually, I feel exhausted, and have since I woke up. I really need to hear back from my surgeon ASAP about those labs. I'm convinced some of this is linked to some vitamin deficiency, or else I need to up my carbs. One, or both.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.



 Sunday, August 22, 2010

I just want to get somethings off my chest and out into the open.

  1. I CANNOT eat whatever I want and still lose weight. 
  2. I do still watch everything I put in my mouth. 
  3. I focus on protein first and count my calories.
  4. I work out 6 days a week, and run about 10-14miles a week (slowly increasing). 

So I will take all the credit for my success losing weight. Thank you very much. If you want to be jealous of my success or try to make me feel less successful simply because I had WLS then that is YOUR problem. Not mine. Please move on and go elsewhere, like...I dunno, the gym? Don't complain, or try to make my weight loss seem inferior to the next guys just because you are unhappy.

And if you are one of the innocent out there who is just a simple victim to word vomit. Please be mindful of what you to say, especially if you are uneducated on WLS. Sometimes you can be more hurtful than you could ever know.

Now that that is out of the way, on to my life.

Today was nowhere near as adventurous as yesterday, which might be a good thing. I did get a workout in and burnt 800 calories, so I'm happy. Only issue is that when running, my knees and right hip started hurting. I guess its time that I cave and go get fitted for new running shoes at a running shop. Tomorrow I'm going to the new gym on post. They have all new equipment and building. Apparently they even have a rock climbing wall inside! I will freak out if I get to do it. I'm such a workout and gym junkie!

I'm really ready to hear back from my surgeons office about my labs. I have been so very tired lately and I'm just wondering if my B12 needs to be upped, or if its an iron issue. I know I workout hard, and I do stay up simi late, but I don't get up terribly early, so it doesn't seem like a lack of rest issue. Maybe stress has something to do with it? I dunno, we'll see soon enough I hope.

Now I'm watching one of my most favorite shows. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I so love them! They are a real life dysfunctional family and I just cannot get enough of them! Anyone else a fan?

I'm so happy this is the last full week of August! Bring on September, followed quickly by October!

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


I am woman. Hear me roar!

 Saturday, August 21, 2010

So today I was pretty productive, or at least kind of. I feel like I accomplished a lot! haha

My day actually started at 4:15am when my husband called to tell me I wouldn't be hearing from him. I felt like we talked for awhile, until this afternoon I looked and realized my call lasted all of two minutes and fifty seconds. Really? After that I took a potty break, only to see something moving around under my dust ruffle. In the fog of sleep I hurried off the toilet to see what was the matter to find a black furry monster wiggling around. Okay so It wasn't a monster, it was Loux. 

Somehow my, or well Brian's, 50+lb Standard Labradoodle made it under my bed, and couldn't get back out. Why she was under there is beyond me. How she fit under there leaves me even more speechless. So at 4:30am I was trying to figure out a way to get this dogchild out from under the bed without having to lift the bed, or break her back. Looking back, I wish I had paused to take a picture or video of this for Brian (and you all), because the whole time I was enduring this little fiasco, all I could hear is Brian laughing in my head!

After going back to sleep I text my friend Amanda to go shopping with me. Three long sleeve shirts, a pair of sweat pants, and two pair of jeans later (one for me, one for Brian), I felt successful in my adventure and not as worried about the $250 electric bill I had just received. 

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yeah, I got my first electric bill (for 35days) at my new house and it was $250 dollars! I had to pause and call my friend Hope to see how much hers was because she lives in a house the same size as mine, in the same neighborhood. Hers was only $120. I plan on calling the electric company on Monday to see if there is some sort of fee included in there that wont be there next month or what, because this is way outrageous seeing how I don't use my lights. Seriously. Only when I'm in the bathroom, or in my bedroom changing. Any thoughts?

Back to accomplishments, this topic is depressing.

Amanda and I went for a 3 mile hike on this paved trail thing. I'm calling it a hike because there are so many hills its insane. Our intention was to run it, until we realized how hilly it was! I also just found out that there is going to be a rock climbing class on Tuesday. Oh yes, I'll be there. I can't wait!

Now for the big on. 


I gave myself my first B12 shot. All on my own!!

Post WLS you become B12 deficient because you lack intrinsic factor. I had been going to the doctor to get my shots, but once I moved back up here my doctor had the nurse train me on how to do it so I could give them to myself at home. Yikes!! 

Well tonight was the night. I was nervous, I wont lie, but I was so sick of being tired all the time that I knew I just had to do it. I'm pretty proud. Now lets just hope I did it right!

The proof!

Now your little adventure girl is tired, but still needs to get some protein in. Oh darn. I guess that means peanut butter time!

Until tomorrow. If you're still there!


Busy day, or at least morning!

 Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday everyone! I am pleased that it is another week down and closer to Brian being home. Next week is the last full week of August and I'm pretty excited about that!

This morning I had an appointment with my bariatric surgeon. It should have been my 6 month appointment, but I'm closer to 8 months out. Oops! I was expecting to get "in trouble", but much to my amazement that wasn't the case at all. My surgeon and the nurse were both beyond ecstatic about my weight loss this far! 118lbs to be exact. My surgeon says I am way ahead of the curve and 10-15lbs more is  his 'goal' for me. Obviously he and I do not have the same goal because mine has me wanting to lose a little bit more than that! He said that is fine, but he would consider any more than that 'bonus' and me being an overachiever. haha We'll see what happens and where I end up. For now, I'm happy simply being active in living life rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Tomorrow morning at 6am I am supposed to be running in Run for the Fallen. I really want to, I just hope I can peel myself out of bed. Its time for another B12 shot not to mention I have a little 'visitor' right now, so I'm beat. We will see what happens.

While I was out this morning/today I went and mailed Brian a package. I love this awesome place we have here called Going Postal. They are so awesome! You can just bring everything in, and they pack it up for you the cheapest way, and even help fill out the customs form. They totally rock. I had enough stuff to fill about 4 flat rate boxes, at least. The fit it into on big box (20lbs!!) and easily saved me a good 20 bucks. Got to love that!

I just got done "cleaning out" my Facebook friends. It was pretty crazy to go through there and see everyone I was friends with. People I haven't heard from in 4+ years, were able to just read about my life, and look at my pictures. Kind of creepy if you ask me. I didn't delete anyone out of spite, mostly just because it seems weird to be 'friends' with someone you don't really know, and never hear from. So if your still on my friends list and can read my wall, you made it through the first cut! Congrats to you!

What about the rest of you? Do you clean out your friends list periodically? Do you have standards for friends additions, or do you just add anyone who requests you?

Now I'm off to finish up Dateline and eat some tuna. Yes, tuna, at this hour.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Cookie Monster

 Thursday, August 19, 2010

So sorry about yesterdays post. It was just one of "those" days,  and high school drama was on my nerves!

Today was good, and rather productive!  I woke up and got to talk to hubby, went for a run (horrible pace time, we don't need to talk about it), then went to Walmart to get stuff for Brian's care packages. While I was at Walmart I even got my oil changed! This is the first time I can remember getting my oil changed ON TIME! Aren't you proud Brian? 

I was going to wait until this weekend to bake Brian cookies, but then I realized that I kind of have a lot going on this weekend and didn't want to forget. So I baked cookies today and I must say they are delicious! I made some similar to these (Monster Cookies) last deployment, but altered the recipe and made it mine.  I have to say, they are even better tasting, and better for you! Here is the recipe.

Trail Mix Cookies


3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon corn syrup
1/2 cup light margarine
1 1/2 cups peanut butter
3/4 cup splenda brown sugar ( OR 1.5 cups real brown sugar)
1 cup splenda ( or same amount of white sugar)
2 teaspoons baking soda
4 1/2 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1 cup chocolate chips


1.Preheat oven to 350. 
2.Mix first five ingredients together. Slowly mix in rest of ingredients. 
3.Using an ice cream scoop, place 6 cookies on each sprayed cookie sheet. 
4.Bake for 12-15min.

Yield: about 34 LARGE cookies

*I bake for 12min just until I think the cookies are ALMOST done. 

* You can substitute any of the last 3 ingredients as you like. More or less of any, or completely replace with something you like more. Just make sure the total is 2 cups.

Now I'm off to watch Jersey Shore for the first time. I've been wondering what all the hype is about. And can someone tell me how you get a name like "The Situation"? I mean...that would be like me being call "The Thing"....seriously? I won't lie, that man has abs that make me want to cry. Beautiful.

So get this. My mother-in-law now has Facebook. It was enough of a shock when my mom and all of her friends ended up on Facebook. Even more shocked when my grandpa got one. But now, I'm use to it. But my mother-in-law is the last person I ever expected to get one! I will literally kill over if I wake up and my father-in-law has one too! I should correct myself and say, she has had one for awhile, but never used it, or knew how to use it. She didn't even have a picture up, but I guess last night she got with it and figured it out. She even left a comment on Brian's wall! 

My mind has officially been blown!

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Don't be smug.

 Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I will stab you.

Its 10:30pm. I'm watching Rachel Getting Married on Netflix. I did nothing productive today. And that is abbot it.

Perhaps I'll have more to say tomorrow.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Tuna Drama.

 Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Did you know there was such a thing? Well there is.

I have recently become obsessed with Tuna. I eat the Tuna Lunch To-go's pretty much daily because they are simply delicious, nutritious, quick, and WLS friendly. Whats not to like? I do have to give a shout out to my husband for introducing me to these little gems. Thanks Babe! 

So today for dinner I decided that I was going to have tuna for dinner. I didn't feel like thawing out any of my Shrimp and Crab bake, and I didn't feel like grilling any chicken to have more salsa chicken. I found a packet of tuna in my pantry and decided to make tuna using one of the boiled eggs I had in the fridge (yes I keep them on hand for a protein snack) like mom use to when I was little rather than using one of my Lunch to-go's. 

Epic failure. 

Why you ask? It was Albacore tuna. Until today I had no idea that the different variations of tuna actually taste different (duh!). I am a Light tuna and water kind of girl. Albacore is no good as far as I'm concerned. But alas I'm lazy and ended up eating the tuna anyway. It wasn't terrible enough to throw away and my dogs didn't need it, so I just sucked it up, ate my dinner, and chalked it up to a lesson learned. 

What else did I accomplish today you may ask? Well let me tell you! 

After my 30mins on the Elliptical, a leg workout, and abs, I came home to conquer some of my "to-do before Brian gets home" list. One of those things was to go get more coat hangers and a drawer set for my closet to continue organizing our clothes. While getting ready to leave for Walmart I went to check my air filter for its size so I could get a replacement. Only to discover...its metal? Apparently you don't replace this little baby. But what do you do?

(not mine, but looks like mine)

Well, I'll tell you what I did. I called my friend Amanda to find out what I was supposed to do. She is a mom of 2 boys, and has survived 3 deployments. I assume she knows everything. She in turn turned to her dear friend  www.ask.com and gave me a step by step run down of how to clean this mystery air filter. 

I won't lie, I didn't make it to Walmart. My bedroom still looks like a bomb went off inside it, but my air filter is clean! Now lets hope I did it right and there will be no more clumps of dust landing everywhere in my house daily.

Now I'm ready for a protein bar, or some apples and peanut butter. Teen Mom tonight!

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Its that time!

 Monday, August 16, 2010

Well its blogging time! I've really been trying super hard to keep this up daily because I'm convinced it helps. Somehow. 

Today, we are officially OVER 1/2 way done with August. I'm pretty pumped. 45 days until October.

This morning I awoke to a scale that seems to be on strike. Not a pound lost in 2 weeks. Seriously? But the upside is I measured my waist, and it seems I have infect lost an inch. I'll take that. I put on my big girl panties and went and ran, 2.43miles at a 13.10 pace. I'm not really happy with my speed, however I am impressed with the fact I have shaved .25sec off from last Wednesday. Yay, for improvement! 

So lets talk about something that has really been weighing on my mind. I think this is an important subject that we really need to get out there in the open. 

What is up with the constant changes in relationship status on Facebook?!

You know what I'm talking about people. And you know who you are out there reading this. If your having to ask "is this about me?" then you are guilty. But don't hate and get mad, just explain it to me!

How does one go from "married" to "it's complicated" (when did that become a relationship anyway?) to "single" and back to "married" in a 24 hour period? Please tell me! I mean really. Are you married or not?

And to top it off?

You "don't want to talk about it". 

Really? You just posted it for all of America and the world to see. It obviously wasn't  that private of a matter, but you don't want to talk about it, or tell anyone what happened. 

Contrary to popular belief, every time you and your husband get in a fight, or your boyfriend breaks up with you,  you don't have to immediately get on Facebook to update your relationship status. Talk it out, or deal with it on your own, and once your ready to answer questions or tell the story, then change it. We are humans, and curious by nature. It just seems unfair that you would leave us, your nearest and dearest 300 friends hanging, to wonder what happened! (LOL)

And please, make sure its really over. Don't make us talk bad about your ex to make you feel better, only to find out your back together tomorrow, and you know how we really feel about the scum bag. Not a good or comfortable situation to be in. Just saying. 

Now I'm off to eat my apple and peanut butter (helps keep my mouth shut), and watch the encore of "Too Fat for Fifteen: Fighting Back".

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Hello rain.

 Sunday, August 15, 2010

So this morning I woke up to my phone making the most beautiful sound ever; letting me know Hubby was on Yahoo and had sent me a message. The fact that it was 6am was really not important at all. I was a happy girl. I didn't get to talk to him for long, and he'll be out of communication for at least the next 3 days, but just knowing he is okay, and whats going on is enough for me. =)

Instead of trying to go back to sleep, because I knew it would be impossible, I got up and started my day. Had some coffee and even made a trip to Walmart all before getting some Subway breakfast, and making it to the gym by 10. I actually went to Walmart twice because I forgot one of my bags there. Now as I sit here and type this, I realize I will have to go back for a third time because I forgot an air filter. Mine is so bad that my house is constantly dusty,(I never think to change those things). I always seem to forget the simplest things. 

Right now my house smells yummy from the chickpeas that I'm roasting. I already got a batch of Ranch ones done, now I have taco ones in the oven. They smell absolutely delicious! I can't wait to try them. I really hope Brian enjoys them! I really feel like they will be an awesome, protein loaded snack for him.

It has been raining off and on all day, which has left me no excuse but to clean. Maybe I'll finally get around to hanging up the rest of my clothes that are in my suitcases from when I moved, and if I'm overly ambitious perhaps I'll even get Brian's clothes out of the Rubbermaid containers and hang them up. I really probably should get that done instead of procrastinating until right before he comes home for R&R. 

Its 1:30 and I'm already trying to descried what to make for dinner. I'd really like some Indian food, but I don't feel like driving across town to pick it up, so that is out. I'm debating between some Crab and Lobster "Bites", Salsa Chicken, Pizza Pasta, Crawfish Etouffee, or some Chicken, Mushroom, and Artichoke bake something or another. I love food way too much for my own good. Seriously.

I'm so pooped after my 7.54mile stationary bike ride, and ab workout, but I must get things done. Sugar Free RedBull, you are my savior.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Crazy people don't know...

 Saturday, August 14, 2010

that they are crazy. 

Thats a good thing, because I feel like I'm crazy. 

Something has got to be up with my hormones. Seriously. It is probably not normal, or a good thing to honestly feel like a psycho. I've been going through some weird "cycle", averaging 1-2 times a month where I will feel normal for awhile, and then like a psycho for awhile. Its not good for me, or anyone else who has to deal with me. The good thing is, not many people have to deal with me during the psycho portion of this cycle, because I don't feel like being around or dealing with people at that point.

Actually, I pretty much always don't feel like dealing with people. At least not many of them. I have gradually changed, and just can't seem to deal with as much drama or bullshit as I use to be able to. My tolerance is low, and my ability to keep my mouth shut isn't much better.

I wish I could trap the way that I feel when I run and keep it with me all the time. Then maybe things would be better.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.



 Friday, August 13, 2010

So today was most uneventful and really, I have no idea what even say to you all. 

Today was my rest day for workouts.
My friends husband, one of Brian's old soldiers, came home for R&R today.
I ordered pizza for dinner. 
I will be watching either Dateline or 20/20, followed by one of my Netflix movies. 

That pretty much sums it up. 

I will leave you with some questions that has been plaguing me though. 

When are you no longer fat? When are you no longer welcome with all the "fat folk"?  How do you know if you still see yourself as obese?  When do people start to view you differently? I'm at a point where I feel like I belong no where. All of the obese people I meet or see, don't see me as one of them anymore, and I don't see myself as anything else. *sigh*

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Finding the right words...

 Thursday, August 12, 2010

"It Is Not How He Died That Made Him A Hero,
But How He Lived."

I'm having trouble finding the right words to get across what I want to say on this subject. But, you know anything that causes a debate on Facebook is blog worthy, and that is why I am here. 

Before I go any further I want you all to know that you are more than welcome to disagree with me , but here are the conditions. You will be respectful to me, and one another. If you really hate what I have to say there is an X button at the top of the screen that you are more than welcome to click at anytime. 

Having said that, here we go.

I made a comment in reference to this article that seemed to upset some. To be exact I said:
"I'm sorry, but it is about damn time. They need to realize that their son was no more important than any other American hero that has died. Seriously."  
Maybe not the most politicly correct choice of words, but the point was made. 

Now let me be clear. I am not negating the fact that Tillman was a hero, nor am I saying he is less of a hero than anyone else. I am in fact saying he is just as much of a hero; like anyone else who has fought and died in the line of duty. The fact the he passed up a several million dollar contract does not make him more important, or more heroic, nor does it make his family more entitled to answers than any other grieving family. 

I went on to say that were the rolls reversed, and God forbid, I was the grieving widow, I would not want to be lied to. I would want to know the truth. 

However, I understand that in some instances the military does lie about things. I would have to trust that there was a reason. I would especially have to accept this were my husband in an elite unit such as the Rangers, Special Forces, or Delta Force. Units like that go places we don't even know the names of, and places we are technically not to supposed to be. If your not supposed to be in Pakistan officially, how did you die there? You didn't, and for security purposes, to protect other soldiers, your family would never know that is where you died. Instead you would die in a helicopter crash due to a mechanical malfunction. That is the story your family would hear, and they wouldn't be the wiser. Or they would, but would know that some rocks are better left unturned. 

I also know my husband. I know he would not want me running around trying to uncover things that are truly none of my business. He would want me to know that he died doing what he loved. That no matter how he died, it was for something bigger than himself, even if even he didn't know what that "something" was at times. He would want to rest in peace. He would want me to celebrate his life and go on with mine, not spend years in court trying to figure out such a minor moment in his life. Because, you know, the moment you die is exactly that. A moment, in a life full of thousands. Those thousands are the ones that makes you who you are. Those moments are what make you a hero or not, not that single moment. Not the moment you die.

I posted recently about a soldier in Brian's unit who died in Afghanistan. James was killed in a non-combat related incident. His death holds no less importance because he wasn't killed by hostile fire. Just as Pat Tillman's is no less important because he was killed by friendly fire. Neither are lesser heros because of how they died. Their families mourn them just the same as my friend Nicki and her children mourn Bubba, who was killed in a combat related incident. 

My point is that they are all dead. How they died will not bring them back, and how they died does not change then men they were. 

At some point you have to realize that no one loves your son, husband, or father as much or in the same way as you do. Brian is the biggest hero in my eyes. But, only for me and our family would life forever be altered if something were to happen to him. The same is true with Pat. He is only missed daily by his family. His death hasn't forever changed my life. I don't wake up every morning missing him, and I don't think the rest of America does either.

The Army lied to the Tillman Family. Finding out why doesn't change anything. 

It seems like finally the mother has realized that, and I say it is a good thing. If the Army doesn't want to tell her what really happened, it wont. If they never want to say why they lied, they wont. At some point you have to accept what you have and let that be good enough. Sometimes you have to trust in something bigger than yourself, even when it is the hardest thing to do. At some point you have to move forward and do something productive, not chase a ghost for years.

So to you Mrs. Tillman I say; celebrate the heroic life your son lived. Cherish all of the smiles he put on your face, and the love he caused in your heart. You will be doing him more of a service by doing that than you are doing what you are now. Don't let that single moment overshadow the many of hundreds his life was made up of. Don't lose sight of what is important. Respect your son and the way he chose to live his life, and thus die. Let him rest in peace.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.



 Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well today wasn't a "FML" kind of day, which is a good thing. Made it to the gym, ran 1.55miles, did back and bis, and some abs. Overall, a pretty good workout, even if my run pace was slow. I guess its just going to take work.

I have also decided that I am officially not weighing myself for at least 2 weeks. Everyone I know who runs says that you will not loose weight right away, and might even gain at first, and then it all starts to balance out and the weight comes off again. Instead of setting myself up for a bad day, I'm going to set myself up for good ones and just not even get on the scale.

I came home from the gym to find two packages on my front porch! One was from my friend Jennifer from over at Lovely Ramblings, and it contained an awesome Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo jersey! Oh yes, I am that lucky to have such an awesome friend. She rocks, and I will post pics tomorrow! The other box was two free protein bars from QuestBar that I had ordered a few weeks ago, and forgotten about. All in all, pretty exciting day on my end.

One of Brian's buddies was kind enough to let me know what is up with my husband today. All is well, and I anticipate hearing from him tomorrow sometime...hopefully. Those boy's make me laugh. It is funny how close they get to one another. Even funnier? This one guy actually went to High School with Brian. Brian joined the Army and got stationed here at Ft. Campbell. This other guy, Brandon, joined later and went to Korea. Last year he, his wife, and two kids ended up here, and he is now in Brian's unit. Cool right? I guess its a small world after all. I have yet to meet his wife (though we are friends on FaceBook) or kids, but I hope to soon. It would be nice to add yet another couple to hang out with to our list of friends. 

Now I must tell you about Roasted Chickpeas. I tried them out today, and I have to say, they are delicious and addicting. The good thing? Half a cup is only 100calories, and contains 6 grams of protein. Pretty nutritious snack if you ask me. I will be making several batches this weekend of different flavors. I'll keep some and send some to Brian. I really think they will be an awesome snack for him.

Roasted Chickpeas

1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
Olive Oil
Any other flavor you can imagine (Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, basil...)

Drain and rinse chick peas. Coat with olive oil, slat, and seasoning of your choice. Spread out on baking sheet in single layer. Bake at 400 degrees for about 40-45mins. You WILL need to stir these every 15mins or they will burn and stick to the pan. 

I made them today with garlic powder and salt. YUM. Crunchy, savory, munching goodness! I think I'm going to attempt to make them using dry ranch powder this weekend. Sounds yummy to me.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


FML, and food.

 Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This morning I woke up and instantly thought "FML". Shortly following that I saw that Loux had yet again chewed a hole in one of my socks. Great. I know my funky attitude is in direct relation to the fact that I haven't heard from Brian and thought I know he is "okay", I still worry. Constantly.

In lieu of this I proceeded with my day. Went for my first run outside, with hills, in 90+ degree weather. 1 mile, 12:29 min pace. Not too shabby for a first run outdoors, especially considering the conditions. I obviously have a ways to go, but we all start somewhere. I even went and had lunch with a friend and got grocery shopping done.  

I was having trouble thinking of what to blog about, and instantly I thought of food. So here is a top five list of my recent favorite food finds. You should know these are not my only favorite foods, these actually may not be my top five over all favorite food, actually scratch that, I can assure you they are not. They are just my most recent obsessions.

Favorite Food Obsessions





(any 2:1 protein bar)

So there you have it. The things I have been living off of for the past few weeks. 

Now I'm off to watch some LOST and head to bed. Hopefully tomorrow is not a "FML" kind of day.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Moment of realization.

 Monday, August 9, 2010

Today was supposed to be my spinning class day, but I ended up running instead. My friend that normally does spinning with me was out with a hurt back, so I took that opportunity to go run. I'm pretty glad I did, because I cut my really slow paced time from yesterday by 5mins. Yep, I'm happy about that.

The heat index here has been about 110-115, so running outdoors is really not an option for me. I'm not really in the mood to pass out and die on the road without anyone to even realize I'm missing. So until it cools down I will be running on the treadmill at the gym. I know its "easier" because the pace is set for you, but oh well. Its a good start for a novice like myself.

Yesterday's temp!

It was while I was on said treadmill that I had my moment of realization. About 15mins into my run an obese, probably morbidly obese, woman got on the treadmill next to me and started walking (very slow). As I was running a flood of emotions came over me as I realized that a mere 7 months ago that woman was me. I was the fat girl, on the treadmill walking as best I could shortly after surgery.

I remember feeling so intimidated getting on the treadmill for the first time between all the "freak's" running. It really put things all in perspective to me. I looked up and down the row of treadmills and saw that yes, she was the only one walking, everyone else was running. I felt for her, and I admire her. You have to understand that gyms on a military post are probably even more intimidating than your average gym. Think about it, everyone in the Army is in shape, and has to at least be able to run two miles. Obviously their family members are a different story, but as you can imagine, most of the gym goers are the military folk. As she was getting off and I was still running, I reached over, touched her arm, and said "keep up the good work". I couldn't help it. I felt she needed to know that she was doing a good job. The fact that she was even there IS good enough. Who cares if she wasn't running. Who cares if I wasn't running as fast as the Special Forces soldier 2 treadmills down. Who cares? No one. 

I hope that woman doesn't think I'm a freak. Or think I was rude in some way. I really wanted to tell her my story. Or at least let her know that 7 months ago, I was her. But I thought "keep up the good work", was enough. I hope it was. I hope she continues to go and walk, and maybe one day run. I'm proud of her.

On another note? 

The Cowboys won last night. Heck yes. I also received all my loot from Victoria's Secret today.  All of the Dallas Cowboys stuff is super cute! Its funny how small things still look to me. I'm always so surprised when something ends up fitting. 

This is my new VS swim suite. AKA my reason to keep running!

Now I'm sitting around praying to hear from my husband. I heard earlier today that some pretty crazy things happened at his out post. I know he is fine, thanks to one of his buddies getting on Facebook. I'd just like to hear his voice, or see his face, so I can assess how he is really doing. 

Please continue to keep our soldiers in your prayers. Our soldiers are at war, while we are at the mall.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Turning point.

 Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today marks a very important day in my life. A turning point so to speak. I am officially considering myself a runner. Yes, that is right, Me, former fat girl, a runner. I'm pretty proud.

A few months back I was trying the C25K program. I really was trying, and I did enjoy it, but I just wasn't physically, and maybe mentally, at a point where running a mile straight, much less 3 was feasible. I kind of hung up that hat vowing to come back to it once I dropped some more weight and got in better cardiovascular shape. Brian and I have been talking about completing a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) together once he gets home. He has never run one, nor have I, obviously. Actually, neither of us have ever ran a race period. The conversation has been brought up many times over the past several months, but we never set a date/race, just agreed that we were going to do it. 

Well today is the day that I made an executive decision. (Brian, listen up!) On April, 30th, 2011, Brian and I will be running in the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon! That will give Brian nearly 3 months to train once he is home, and it gives me a little over 7 from now. I honestly cannot put into words how excited I am about this. Before I had surgery I never dreamed of running a 1/2 marathon, though I did wish I could run, even a mile. Today? I ran 3 without the slightest problem, and without having stepped foot on asphalt or a treadmill in well over a month. I'm so proud of myself that it is probably pathetic. But, this is my blog, so its allowed!

We will cross the finish line hand in hand, together. I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment that both of us will feel on that big day. I'm praying they will have a T.A.P.S team or something we can join, so we can run in memory of some of Brian's fallen buddies. I think that would mean a lot to him, and I know I would love to as well.

Between now and then I plan on running in a few 5k's and maybe a 10k if I can find one local enough. I think setting mini goals for myself is key and will keep me motivated. I also plan on continuing my Monday and Friday spinning classes because it is such an amazing workout, and great cardio. And of course, strength training. (I plan on using this blog to hold myself accountable in my training. If I forget, remind me!)

I'm excited about what the future holds. Maybe a marathon or triathlon one day. I'd love for Brian and I to do all of this together, but if he stops with a Half, I'm okay with that. As long as he is there to cheer me on in my other adventures!

So what about you. Do you have a new "title" you have taken on recently? Or, is there one you would like to add to the list of things that define you? Any big goals on your 'bucket list' that you are working towards?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Faith, do you have it?

 Saturday, August 7, 2010

So I really had no idea what I was going to post about until...just now. I'm currently watching a show on Fox News (yep, I'm pretty conservative, but that really has nothing to do with this at all.) about honor killings in America. Right now they are talking about this young American girl, who at 15, married a muslim man, from Egypt,  twice her age. Now she is old, and had 3 kids with him. It really just started so I'm not 100% sure exactly what is going to happen. I have a feeling it has something to do with the children they had together though. I'm just kind of in shock that parents would sign off on letting their 15 year old child marry a grown man. 

Then I started thinking about religion. 

I mentioned before that I am Catholic. I have always been very interred in other faiths, not just other Christian religions, but other belief systems entirely. Judaism, Islam, Buddhism...you name it, I'd like to know more. I just find it all fascinating, and can't seem to learn enough. Anyone else out there a religion junky like me?

And then religion in relationships.

When I was younger I always thought (or knew) I would just marry someone else who was Catholic, but I never dated or didn't date someone just because of their religion. I mean, being a fellow Christian was a must, because I knew if we were ever going to make it, a shared belief in Jesus Christ was a must, but short of that I wasn't overly picky. Just so happens, Brian is not only Christian, but Catholic, which is even better for me. Not because I have anything against other denominations, but its better for us because then there are no religious disputes period. Not so much of a problem for couples, I can just see how it could be hard once children are involved. Especially if both parents are devout in their religious views. 

Brian and I were both brought up Catholic, and are both firm believers and devout in our faith. (I say that knowing I missed mass tonight of course. lol) My point is that we both would never want to be any other denomination, or raise our children any other way (had we never met or gotten married). We both love our faith, even if we aren't the most admirable examples of Catholicism in action at times. We are both human, so I guess that is to be expected.

I love that God blessed me with a life partner who shares all the same beliefs with me. I guess he really does know what he is doing. It is nice to have someone to confide in and ask about things when you feel lost. Not just about the normal money, or kids, or friends, don't get me wrong, that is nice and a true blessing, but being blessed with a man who helps feed your desire for God. Well it is awesome. I think it will be phenomenal for our children to have two parents to raise them who are on the same page with almost everything.

What about you? Do you think that having similar belief systems is important in a relationship? (not necessarily the same denomination, but same values at least) Do you and your significant other have a shared faith? Do you think that is good or bad?

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


The best things in life...

 Friday, August 6, 2010

They come free.

I was thinking today about all that we spend money on. Not just me, or Brian and I, but all of us. I thought about the value, literally and figuratively, that we put in money. I realized that after all this talk of shopping, and spending, and honestly, trying to be "perfect" it would be nice to get back to basics.

Brian and I were 18 and 17 when we got married, respectively. We started out with quite literally NOTHING (Still don't have enough to write home about. If you know what I mean). When I look back on our short married life together (with many more years to come), it seems more like the story of our grandparents, not the love story of the modern newlywed couple. Now a days its the "norm" for both parties to be college graduates, most with decent, if not good jobs. I admire that. I really really do. That was not the case for Brian and I at all, and I'm so thankful for it that I cannot even put it into words. 

My great aunt and uncle were married young, when he was a private in the Army, stationed in Germany, back in the 50's. Brian and I have been lucky enough to hear several of their stories over the years. Stories we would have never gotten the opportunity to hear had we not, without knowing, followed so closely in their footsteps. They are a huge support for Brian and I even when we go long times without seeing them or hearing from them. We always know they are there silently cheering us on. Its nice to have people two generations older who honestly support and love you, not just because they have to, but because they have been there, and believe in what other people don't, or can't see.

After all my crazy spending lately. Maybe its time to list some of my favorite free things to look back on. Maybe you have some favorite free things to add.

Morgan's Favorite Free (or really cheap) Things:
  1. Words; wether written or spoke, they are free and can really make my day when shared with a kind heart and by the right person.
  2. Smiles. Think about a bad day, and think of how someone giving you a kind smile made you feel. Kind of warm and toasty right?
  3. Nail Polish. You can buy a cheap mini bottle of nail polish for less than a buck. Somethings about a "controlled" change does a person good.
  4. Hot Bath. At the end of a long day, not much is more comforting or relaxing than a hot shower or bath. Melting the day away before bed leads to a fresh day tomorrow.
  5. Music. It doesn't cost anything to listen to the radio. As previously mentioned, I think music is proof there is a common link between all humans. 
  6. Going for a walk (or run). Sometimes its nice to just "be". Nature has a way of leaving a person feel high on life and thankful.
  7. Driving around, with no place to go. I think exploring with nothing but the person you love and a tank of gas is so fun. It costs next to nothing, and its a great story for later.
  8. Love. This one is my favorite. Something about just thinking about love, if you know the real thing, is amazing. 
Until tomorrow. If you're still there.



 Thursday, August 5, 2010

So I told you all yesterday that today I'd post a recipe. True to form, here I am. Recipe in hand, but before that I just want you to all know that I did not buy anything today. Nothing. Aren't you proud?

Now, I did end up buying one of those bathing suites last night. Yes, I did it. But for 16 bucks a piece I really couldn't bring myself to pass it up! If nothing else I can wear it in the hot tub over R&R in October. :) Brian won't buy me new boobs until after we have kids, so I really felt that the Miracle Bra push-up bikini top was a necessity. The girls just don't look as good in a triangle top like they did when I was 5. Bahaha! And I really want to look as good as possible over R&R. So, alas, I relented to late night, online, shopping. (Which is almost as bad as shopping on an empty stomach.) It always leads me to making bad, unwise, decisions. But I don't feel bad. I'll be sure to post pics once it comes in. Not on of course, because I don't want you all to barf. I would post pics, but I can't copy or save them from the VS site. UGH!

Now for a mini rant? I have eaten terrible today. Not because I've eaten to much, or really eaten "bad", but because I can't seem to balance out my carbs and get enough calories and protein. I'm just frustrated. Oh well. I'm done eating for the day. Tomorrow is a new day.

Pesto Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms

1 carton mushrooms
2 Tbls pesto
4 tbls ricotta cheese
1 clove garlic
1/2 small onion
1/2 cup roasted chicken, diced (I use Tyson already cooked)
2 tbls bacon bits
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, divided (or the 5 cheese Italian blend)

Preheat oven to 400. Remove stems from mushrooms. Place caps in baking dish. Dice stems. In skillet over medium heat sauté' mushroom, diced onion, and diced garlic clove until onion is soft. Add chicken to heat through. Mix in pesto, ricotta cheese, bacon bits, and cheese (leaving enough to sprinkle on top of mushrooms). Spoon cheese and chicken mixture into mushroom caps. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake for 15mins. Caps should be soft and cheese should be golden and bubbly. 

You can easily turn this into a "bake" or "casserole" by cutting the mushrooms into quarters, adding some more chicken and baking it all in a casserole dished topped with cheese.  Which is what I did yesterday for dinner, and ate leftovers for lunch today.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


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