Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well I've wanted a blog for awhile. They are all the rage ya know? I even think I had one at some point, not that I can find it now, meaning I obviously did not actually use it. I got inspired to really go ahead with making one when I saw my friend Chelle had one the other day. I figured, what the heck, what is there to lose?

You should know that I do tend to start many things with the best of intentions, only to let them fizzle out to near death before I pick them back up again. We'll see if this holds true when it comes to blogging or not. Assuming I can even blog properly. I mean what makes a good blog anyway? I'm a pretty random person. One day you might read something about what I cooked for dinner, the next you might read about how my dog puked and left a stain on my carpet. It really is luck of the draw...or the lack there of for the latter. But if your ready for this, then so am I.

Buckle up this might be a crazy ride.


Jennifer July 25, 2010 at 8:10 PM  

YAY!! I am so glad that you are blogging again! Don't worry though, my blogs are TOTALLY random as well. :)

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