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 Friday, July 30, 2010

like a big pizza pie. Thats amore!

This my friends is my new food obsession. Tortilla Pizza.  (sorry for the not so great pic, it was taken with my blackberry)

Actually its not so new. I've been obsessed for about 3 months. I've posted about them on my Facebook, and even shared the "recipe" for my Mexican pizza, but I felt something so delicious was worth repeating. 

First I should say that I love pizza. I'm not saying that this is what you should eat instead of delivery. I like my stuffed crust just as much as the rest of them. The problem is my jeans don't really like it when I eat the pizza every week. And as aforementioned I'm currently trying to get my "skinny" on and even attended another Spinning class today. Then there is the whole issue of its just me (remember, Brian is gone), on a "diet", ordering pizza. Not the best combination, and even when I am diligent and only eat two pieces, I still have all this leftover pizza. I just feel guilty eating pizza left overs for 4 days straight, but I don't have the heart to waste such a wonderful thing either. 

Like I said, bad combination.

These little babies are not only healthy and delicious, but they satisfy my craving. Not to mention you can make them anyway you want them, with anything you want on them! 

This is what you need for my Chicken Bacon Pesto Pizza.

Mission Carb Balance fajita sized tortillas.
Tyson Grilled and Ready roasted diced chicken.
Bacon Bits
Basil Pesto
Ricotta Cheese
Italian Blend or Mozzarella cheese

  1. Preheat your oven to 400. Spray a cookie sheet with nonstick spray.
  2. Microwave desired amount of chicken for 1min. Your basically just heating it up from being frozen.
  3. Lay tortilla on pan, top with ricotta and pesto. Cover with chicken, sprinkle with bacon bits, and top with cheese.
  4. Back for EXACTLY 10mins.
  5. EAT

Now, how much better can it get? Not much, thats how much. You can make this anyway you want to. Top with traditional pizza sauce, turkey sausage and cheese. Or make my Mexican pizza with salsa chicken, and cheese. Topped with guacamole.  

One of these with a little side salad makes for a great lunch! You could even make a couple of these with  burrito sized tortillas to share (or to give to a man like my husband!). You might be surprised how these really do satisfy your craving for pizza. Honestly, I rarely order real take out pizza anymore because these are that good! And you can't beat a pizza dinner for less than 300 calories!

And now that I just saved you all those calories, and the money for pizza why not go hit up American Eagles jean sale this weekend? I know I will be. Brian and I both need jeans, and you really can't beat buy one get one 50% off. Plus I have a coupon for 15% off! Even if we didn't "need" jeans I'd still go, because you really can never have too many pairs and at that price, how can you pass it up?

(New York Times)

Speaking of jeans. What are your favorites? I am a huge fan of BKE jeans from The Buckle. I just can't bring myself to buy 5 pairs at 90 bucks a pop, so I have to supplement with other brands.

Tonight is dinner at my friend Jessica's. She is making something called Jalapeno Chicken. I'll be sure to report, and possibly post the recipe for all you foodies in another post. I'm pretty excited to try it! I won't lie though, I'll probably be a rude guest and leave shortly after dinner because I'm EXHAUSTED! I was up late, or well early talking to Brian (yay!) online, got up at 8am thanks to Loux, and then went to spinning class. I don't think she'll mind though. I'm going to try and get her to tag along in my shopping excursion tomorrow.  

No worries Brian, I promise don't to go too crazy. :) 

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you all. Brian discovered my blog and is now a follower. I'm pretty impressed and honored! lol He even liked my "creeper obsessed" post about him. It's a good thing the man is use to my strange ways or he'd probably have already filed a restraining order against me. 

And now? Its time for a nap and a shower before I go and find something to supply for desert tonight.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway.

 Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now I wouldn't call myself a music expert. I'm no music critic, I'm not a lyricist, and I don't have an "ear" for a good tune. I don't know most of the new popular songs to be honest. I do however love music. I love how someone else can speak to my soul, and voice the way I'm feeling. I know what I like.

I love how a song can change your mood, or add to the one your already in. 

I think music is universal. I think it is proof that we as humans all experience the same things, and we are never alone. How else would we be able to relate to a song so well that we feel the need to put it on repeat?  Music reminds me that on my bad days I'm not the only one who has them. I'm not the only person who has ever been lonely, or ever been in love. I know I'm not the only one who has ever been so happy that I wanted to scream it from a rooftop. Music is the emotion that we all feel, put into words for others to experience with is. 

We all have a bad day anthem. Or the song we'd love to sing to that person who hurt us 10 years ago. The song that will always put a smile on our face. What songs are those for you?

Bad Day by Fuel is one of my favorites. Its not that it makes me "happy", but its a great song to belt out when I'm upset or mad.

I also feel the same way about the website PostSecret. Some of the secrets people share are profound. Sometimes I'm shocked with them for various reasons. Sometimes they seem like something I should have sent in, other I'm sad for the person who feels the way they do. 


I guess in some ways this blog is my "post secret" or song. Obviously since I do know some of you I can't really share exactly how I feel bout some things. Which is a shame, but 90% of my life I can share.

The title of this post is my favorite line from the song 3A.M. by Matchbox Twenty. I read somewhere that it was a song written by Rob Thomas' mom's battle with cancer. I don't know exactly what the lyrics mean, to him, or to me really. But I know I love the song, and some part of it speaks to me.

In other news? I got a new phone today. Its been a long process that I won't bore you, but after my 4th Blackberry Curve (8330), Verizon finally "upgraded" me to the new Curve (8530?). I like it so far, but I just got it today, so my opinion of the little guy is still subject to change. 

R.I.P Pinky. You were great until you had to be replaced 3 times.

Until tomorrow. If you're still there.


Roll over, go back to bed.

 Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After my good mood yesterday I really had high hopes that today would be pretty good too. I was wrong. Yeah, I said it. I, Morgan, Mrs.Always-right, was WRONG. 

Its not that anything actually went wrong. I don't know what has been up with me lately, and to be honest it feels like I might be on the verge of being bi-polar. Seriously? Not cool. I probably need to get a handle on that, I just have to figure out how. Obviously over eating, under eating (my most recent problem), working out like a nazi, and other crazy things are not the way to deal with stress. At least not the most appropriate way.  That won't keep me from eating a few bites of this tonight.

I wasn't going to say anything, but I guess I will. Saturday, July 23rd my husbands company lost their first soldier. It was in a non-combat related incident, but that really doesn't make it any better.  I think that is the root of my most recent stress and freaky moods. I didn't know the guy, not like know him know him. I know I had seen him at Brian's work before, but I don't know if I ever spoke to him before. I guess thats why this death has hit me harder than the others from our battalion. I recognized his picture, and that was enough to make him a real human being to me. Not just another name, or person my husband may or may not have known. I "knew" him. I can only imagine what his pregnant wife, of less than a year is feeling, and to be honest. I don't ever want to know.

PFC. James J. Oquin

So back to the title of this blog. I woke up this morning, and knew before even getting out of bed that it was going to be "one of those days", and that if I were smart I'd roll over and go back to bed. Of course, I didn't do that. I got up like I do every day. Let the dogs out, had my coffee, went to the gym, and laid out by the pool. Nothing bad happened to me. My dog didn't die. The tire didn't go flat. My house didn't burn down. But it was still a bad day. 

Apparently my dogs are in sync with me because while sitting here contemplating what to type, and how to word it all, Loux, thought she needed to check on me.

Now for that cupcake and some TV. The good thing is, tomorrow is a new day, with all the potential for things to be wonderful. :)

Sorry for the not so perky post. See you tomorrow. If your still there.


Baby, you're my favorite, Favorite state of mind.

 Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ever have those days that no matter what, you wake up and know without a doubt it is going to be the worse day ever?  Yeah we all have those. But what about a day where you wake up and know its going to be a good day, no matter what? I know, those don't happen too often. Im glad today was one of the latter...at least thus far.

I guess it would be best to go ahead and get this next confession out of the way. I mean it was going to come out sooner or later, so why not sooner. Ready?  Here goes. 

I'm obsessed with my husband. Yes, I just said that. Obsessed. And yes, this is real life.

Now, I'm not one of those door mat wives who would let my husband beat me and then turn around and cook him dinner with all the trimmings. But I am one of those wives who honestly finds her happiness in the happiness of her husband, and one day God willing, I will find it in the happiness of our future children. 

I don't deny the fact that my husband is wrong sometimes. I know he doesn't walk on water, and he isn't the Pope, so he isn't infallible (I'm Catholic by the way). But I really do take pride in my husband and trust his judgment. But its a two way street. He feels the same about me, and I can say that with 100% certainty. I really just enjoy doing things for him. I love cooking his favorite dinner and making brownies. Its the little things. He really is my most favorite thing in life. I know it might seem pathetic to some, and that is fine. Maybe you just aren't in this sort of relationship. And I'm not knocking yours, I'm just saying I love mine. B is always doing things to try and make me smile, and make me happy. He actually does a phenomenal job at it. I just like to repay him. 

I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I met Brian when I was 14 and he was 15. We are each other first love, and I think that changes a lot of things. We have literally grown up and changed together. I just praise God that all those changes were things that brought us together, allowed us to fall more in love with one another, and remain best friends. The man tells me he loves me 1000x every time I talk to him, and makes me feel like the best, most beautiful person, even on my worst days. He lets me bawl my eyes out to him from 2000 miles away and doesn't think twice about it. He just responds with "thats what a best friend and husband is for".  He is such a fantastic man, it would be hard to not be obsessed and in awe of him sometimes. He constantly sets an example for the type of person I want to be. 

Plane and simple? He is a good man, who loves the Lord, treats others with respect, and loves his wife and family. I don't know what else a little girl grows up dreaming of when imagining her future husband. He is everything I could have ever prayed for, and a whole lot more. He isn't perfect, but neither am I, and that makes him perfect for me. 

Ballet fats, a Louis Vuitton, and combat boots. Who'd have thought it would be a match made in heaven?

Which brings me to how today was just destined to be a good day. I went to bed talking to him and seeing his sweet face on the computer, and woke up this morning to a  yahoo message on my phone telling me "Wake up and talk to hubby". We are rarely lucky enough to get to talk to each other so close together. Sometimes things just fall into place and nothing can ruin it.  Not even the dog peeing on the kitchen floor or coming home from the post office to something like this. 

(Not my house, just an example of what I did find)

Out of all the places I've ever been. Brian is my favorite state, of mind. :)

Now stop puking at my sappy existence. Maybe I'll post something more to your liking tomorrow. If your still there.



 Monday, July 26, 2010

When did you start to rule my life?

It dawned on me the other day that sometimes numbers rule my life, and I honestly allow numbers to either make or break my day.

112- the number of pounds I have lost
47- the number of inches I have lost since April
27- the number, or well percent of fat on my body
12/14- the numbers in my jeans
34- the other number that is in some of my jeans
68.5- the number of inches that make my height
***- the number on the scale
670- the number of calories I burnt in spinning class today
500- the number of calories I've eaten thus far

Every now and then a letter jumps in there, but it has the same effect as the number. Who wants an "XL" or an "L"? No one thats who. I like my "M"'s...so much in fact that I wont buy any shirt that has an "L" inside because I let that define me. I let numbers and letters define me. I doesn't matter if the brand is known to run small, a Large is out of the question...I will only buy the medium, and if it doesn't fit, well then I didn't like it anyways. How pathetic is that? Really pathetic.

I see you sitting there nodding your head feeling like I'm talking about you. You do the same thing, and you really can't deny it. You get on the scale in the morning and if its a number you like, your happy, if not you let it make you have a bad day. You let it define you to, its a fact. 

Now, you should know, I don't always let it define me. And I do love myself, and I'm starting to love my body, finally. But when is enough, enough?  I ask myself that often, especially now since I'm "normal" and getting close to my goal. Here we go again though, my goal is a number. I feel like that number inside my pants needs to be an 8. Why you might ask? Well I have no idea. Once I'm finally there will that be enough for me or will I still want more?

My next question and complaint is, do only women feel this way? 

I mean I don't see my husband sitting around worrying about having to buy a large shirt, or 36x34 jeans because his legs are just too dang muscular to fit into 34's. He buys the 36's and wears a belt, and goes about his day. That is what a normal human being should do. They shouldn't look at the tag inside a pair of jeans and get anxious if they do or don't fit. That out of control, and I'm convinced that this is mostly an issue for females. 

What causes this? Is it the media? Is it just a mental thing? Am I the only one? I know I can't be, because I know of other people who feel the same way. 

Maybe its just because I was once obese and now I'm not. I'm not sure. The real issue might be that this was never as big of a deal when I was fat (I mean I'm still fat, but I'm normal fat now, not fat fat). How did getting healthy and losing weight make me so vain about "my stats"?

I don't look at other people and say "Oh wow, so you have 32% body fat? That sucks." and I know if I don't do that to them, chances are they aren't thinking that about me. But, what if they are? I know I look at other women who pass me in the mall and wonder what size jeans they are wearing. Mostly because they are the "size" I'd like to be, and about my height so I wonder. Does curiosity really kill the cat?

Now for some visual progress to motivate myself to continue on the right path, and be proud of myself.
This is me before.

These are me -100lbs.

Until tomorrow. If your still there.


My heart is filled with you...

 Sunday, July 25, 2010

   So I spent all day trying to decide what I was going to blog about. I mean there are many things I could write about, and nothing really interesting all at the same time. About an hour ago I thought that maybe the best place to start would be  "A Day In The Life Of Me".  I'm sure you'd like to know a bit about the person who's life you are spending your perfectly good time reading about. 

So here it goes.

First you should know that I am Morgan, married to Brian who is a soldier in the Army stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY. He is deployed and I'm holding down the home front taking care of our two dogs Rakkasan "Rak" who is a chocolate Lab, and Loux-Loux "Loux" who is a black Labradoodle. 

   I start every day with a cup of coffee. It really doesn't matter if I wake up at 6am or noon. Coffee is a must, which leads me to my next point. I'm a creature of habit. I must drink this coffee while checking my Facebook and e-mail. No TV is really needed at this time, all I need is my coffee and MacBook and I'm good to go for a couple of hours. After my coffee a 90cal Fiber One bar is whats up. The 90cal part is a must because well, I'm on a diet. Trying to get my skinny on. On days that I am really lucky get to start my day with this.

Yes, that handsome man there, is my husband, Brian. I'm telling you, my future children are going to be so genetically blessed. If I do say so myself. :)

Up to this point is pretty planned out. After about 10:30 is when things can change dramatically from day to day. But most days I work out at this point. Once again, trying to get my skinny on. This workout could take place in my living room with an hour of Kempo, or it could consist of me making a trip to the gym to run on the treadmill and lift weights. My guess is as good as yours.

Today I went to a friends grandparents house for some spaghetti and laying out by the pool. I have this awesome genetic ability to lay out in the sun for hours and barely get pink. Even that pink is gone in a day and I'm tan. Must be the minute amount of Mexican I have pulsing through these veins. I am still considered Caucasian though.  See, I have proof.

I love to cook and bake. I've been sort of a slacker as of late because until about a month ago I was living with my parents and sister back in Texas (where Brian and I are both from). And now, I'm on my own again with just the dogs, and cooking for one is really not so fun. And heck, who am I kidding? Its pretty easy to just throw some already cooked chicken on top of some lettuce and call it dinner. I do enjoy to cook though, and I'm starting to miss it. I''ll just start having friends to dinner or something. I need to keep my skills up so that I can properly feed my husband when he finally makes it home. Tonight was leftover zucchini lasagna that I made for myself and friend Jessica the other day. I'll post the recipe soon.

Right now, I'm obsessed with the series LOST. I don't know how I never discovered this show when it was actually on air, but I didn't. Two of my best friends are also watching the series too. Its pretty fun to spend hours watching a show and texting each other with "WTF??!" and "OMG!!". That is when you know that you've been friend since birth and need to say no more. The other person already understands.
Thank God for Nextflix I can get my LOST fix online. Which is where I'm headed now. My couch with a pack of Quaker snacks and a bottle of water. Sounds like a pretty good night to me especially since it doesn't look like a date night with my husband is an option right now. 

Maybe now your thinking twice about ever reading this blog again. Thats okay. Until tomorrow. If your still here.



 Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well I've wanted a blog for awhile. They are all the rage ya know? I even think I had one at some point, not that I can find it now, meaning I obviously did not actually use it. I got inspired to really go ahead with making one when I saw my friend Chelle had one the other day. I figured, what the heck, what is there to lose?

You should know that I do tend to start many things with the best of intentions, only to let them fizzle out to near death before I pick them back up again. We'll see if this holds true when it comes to blogging or not. Assuming I can even blog properly. I mean what makes a good blog anyway? I'm a pretty random person. One day you might read something about what I cooked for dinner, the next you might read about how my dog puked and left a stain on my carpet. It really is luck of the draw...or the lack there of for the latter. But if your ready for this, then so am I.

Buckle up this might be a crazy ride.


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